E3 Spotlight: Sony And The Future Of PSVR

by Jamie Feltham • June 7th, 2017

With over a million units sold and plenty of great games, PlayStation VR has had a surprisingly solid eight months so far. The platform just got a second wind with the release of the Aim Controller, and there’s plenty to look forward to coming up. But the broken promises of the Vita, 3D TVs, and PlayStation Move still linger in the backs of our minds, and that’s why this E3 is so crucial for the platform.

Will PlayStation knock it out of the park? Let’s take a look.

What We Know

Sony holds its press conference at 6PM PT on Monday, June 12th. Up until yesterday we had very little idea of what the company had planned on the VR side, but we do at least now know it’s set to talk about some new games at its conference. PSVR stole the show last year with reveals of Resident Evil 7, Batman: Arkham VR, Star Wars: Battlefront’s X-Wing VR Mission and Farpoint, so we have high expectations for this year’s show too.

Over the past few weeks a number of promising new PSVR games have been revealed. A port of Arizona Sunshine is on the way later this month, Theseus is coming to consoles as is Smash Box Arena, ROM: Extraction, Bloody Zombies, and Tiny Trax. With so many games announced before the show we can’t wait to see what Sony has in store for the big week. The company has a lot of booth space in the West Hall, too.

What We Expect At E3

Now that we know Microsoft isn’t showing VR on Project Scorpio this year, Sony has an open goal on the PSVR side. We’re expecting the company to go big on games; if it can do even half as well as its showing last year then we’ll be happy, but we’re also expecting the company to floor us with at least one big announcement akin to last year’s Resident Evil surprise. Maybe it’s Star Wars: Battleforont 2 that takes that honor?

Developers like Vertigo Games are proving PC VR titles can move to PSVR quite comfortably, so expect to see some more ports announced. We’d welcome Onward with PSVR’s Aim Controller, for example, or Superhot VR using two Move controllers.

E3 Crystal Ball

It might sound overly ambitious, but Sony’s big announcement for the show could be bringing Fallout 4 VR to PSVR. You might scoff at the very thought of trying to fit the game onto the headset, but if I was Sony I’d have spent the last year with Bethesda doing all I could to optimize the experience enough to get it on the headset.

As for the prediction I’d most like to come true? I’d love to see an inexpensive solution to PSVR’s tracking issues. A second wireless camera, for example to help with drifting and occlusion would be welcomed with open arms by the community. Either that or perhaps some updated Move controllers that finally integrate analog sticks.

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What's your reaction?
  • Al

    This close to E3 if there were new hardware items to be introduced there would have been some pretty solid rumours by now. So it’s not likely.

  • K E

    Totally agree that what would really improve PSVR would be an extra tracking camera for 360 tracking. Or a whole new tracking and controller system that replaces the 8-year old tech they have now. I’d buy a PSVR right away if that happened.

    • Get Schwifty!

      There have been reports of such a replacement system in the works, sort of Lighthouse-y if I recall correctly. As much as I would like to pick up a PSVR the tracking issues leave me cold. If the can get a new system together, and over time improve the visual quality of their headsets then they could own the home VR market. Why Sony is taking the approach of half-measures on VR is beyond me….

  • Jason Clark (XxSolidsnakexX)

    They really do need to improve the 360 degree tracking by adding an additional camera and better move controllers. With a game like Onward the Aim Controller will work awesome for the guns but you’ll loose the hand tracking for interaction with the guns and being able to reach down for grenade and pull the pin. I just might have to get a Vive if the PSVR doesn’t get a military shooter like Onward soon.

    • Exactly. Same as I’ve been saying. If they could piggy-back a second camera it would alleviate issue with obscuring the lights on the Move and Aim controllers.

  • amirpro

    Not sure a 360 tracking will be any useful unless the headset is wireless

    • C.P. Garcia

      You obviously haven’t used a Vive or Oculus Rift. 360 tracking makes a big difference …

  • FedUp1968

    Love the PSVR, found it to be the best on the market right now for the money. I do disagree though when they said “Plenty of great games.” They do have a few great games but the problem is most are demos, and the full games only have a few levels to beat. I believe that will change in the years to come but right now pickings are slim.

  • Big ticket games would be great… but I’d love to see more games like VR Playroom — those are some of the most fun party games I’ve ever played and is a great way to introduce people to VR. And I’ve love for there to be a full game of Robot Rescue — maybe with online co-op so multiple people can use the headset simultaneously.

  • Fear Monkey

    PSVR getting Fallout 4 VR would make E3 for me, Skyrim VR would blow me away if it comes to PSVR.
    Like everyone else, id love to see some type of upgrade camera for better tracking, not expecting upgrade controllers, though that would be nice.
    Big epic RPG’s like Skyrim and Fallout 4 are what VR needs, it would be great to see other devs do the same with older titles.

  • Ivan Johnson

    It’ll be cool if microsoft release some retail version of Hololens compatible with xbox scorpio. Complete with some apps

    • Multiplataformgamerz

      but hololens are $3K