Watching These Elders React To VR Is Pure Magic

by Ian Hamilton • July 28th, 2016

There’s something simply magical about the latest Elders React video produced by Fine Brothers Entertainment.

We’ve seen videos of older folks trying adult entertainment in VR before, but this 8-minute video showing them trying the HTC Vive offers something more than humor. It’s hilarious too, of course, but by putting several “elders” inside The Lab and The Brookhaven Experiment we get to see both how intuitive and compelling the first generation of VR can be to people of any age.

We also hear snippets of first-hand reports like:

  • “I felt a little unsteady”
  • “My stomach is a little unsettled right now”
  • “It literally took my breath away”
  • “This is a lot of fun. Not just for kids, but for anyone”

The Brookhaven Experiment (review) is such an interesting choice for the video because the zombies in the game can be terrifying, yes, but they are often slow moving. They are manageable if you play the game calmly. It’s not like Space Pirate Trainer or Holopoint where physical agility are key assets to winning. With The Brookhaven Experiment, a steady hand that doesn’t waste bullets wins the game. So it’s very intense, yes, but not necessarily incredibly physically demanding. What you get then with The Brookhaven Experiment is a game in which older people could learn, play and react to it exactly the same way younger people would.

It’s videos like this that will do the job of erasing any idea that VR is hard for some people to figure out. In fact, it’s only going to get more intuitive as time progresses.

Fine Brothers Entertainment has 14 million subscribers, so the video will undoubtedly do well. That said, it already has more than 120,000 views at the time of this writing and it was uploaded today. The video is part of a popular series of “React” videos and a representative from Fine Brothers said they will be doing more VR-related content soon.

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