Epic Games Gives $80,000 To Unreal Devs Including SculptrVR

by VentureBeat • July 2nd, 2016

Giving out some money is a nice way to say thank you to the community of developers that use your engine — and encourage more studios to use it.

Epic Games has given out $80,000 as part of its Unreal Dev Grants program, which rewards indie developers that use the company’s game-making Unreal Engine 4 tools. The money went to six different teams. In total, Epic has now given out $1.3 million through the program.

The new recipients include:

  • Disc Jam by High Horse Entertainment, an action-sports game for PlayStation 4 and PC.
  • Nick Pfisterer, who created the Unreal Slackers group for the community in social media platform Slack.
  • Mitch McCaffrey, who creates tutorials for creating virtual reality games in Unreal Engine 4.
  • SculptrVR by Nathan Rowe, which allows people to sculpt inside a virtual reality environment.
  • Kinetik by Hero Machine, a tactical, role-playing game shooter.
  • Tower Unite by PixelTail Games, a social multiplayer online game.

If you want to apply for an Unreal Dev Grant yourself, you can do so here.

This post first appeared on VentureBeat by Mike Minotti.

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