Epic Highlights Visually-Stunning VR Experiences In New Unreal Sizzle Reel

by Jamie Feltham • January 19th, 2018

Who says VR games can’t look as good as AAA titles? Certainly not Unreal Engine 4 creator Epic Games, and it’s got a trailer to prove it.

In celebration of the six month anniversary of the company’s Edge Program, created in partnership with Nvidia, Epic recently released this new trailer showcasing some of the projects featured in the program. Developers of these titles were given high-end hardware (namely GTX 1080 Ti cards) to help make their worlds look even better, and there’s a handful of VR games included in the mix.

Of note is the striking Planetrism, a game we flagged up just last month based on its impressive graphics. But there’s plenty more VR: Digital Mistake Games’ Wrench and Martov Co’s Chiaro & The Elixir of Life (which we hadn’t heard of until now). There’s also a stupidly detailed virtual recreation of a Kia car, for those that like that kind of stuff.

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