EVE: Valkyrie’s Carrier Assault Update Adds a New Game Mode and Tons of New Content

by David Jagneaux • June 21st, 2016

If you’ve been playing EVE: Valkyrie since launch, chances are you’re starting to grow a bit tired of the same old content. It’s an exhilarating and supremely designed game with some of the best cockpit action you can find in VR, but it’s also a relatively brief experience when compared to its non-VR shooter counterparts. Luckily, CCP has heard the calls for more and are delivering plenty of new things to do in the Carrier Assault update, which is now live.

This marks the first major post-launch update to the game thus far. ¬†“In Carrier Assault we are delivering that hallowed trench run moment that has been etched into the minds of many a Sci-Fi fan,” writes Lead Designer on EVE: Valkyrie at CCP Andrew Willans, in a blog post. “The video footage might look exciting, but nothing gets the pulse going like flying into the belly of the beast for the first time in VR.”

The new game mode, known simply as Carrier Assault, is split into three core stages: Skirmish, Attack, and Breach. In Skirmish, it plays out similar to control point style game modes you find in other objective-based team shooters. There are three Relay Stations on the map and once a single team takes ownership of two stations, the enemy team’s carrier will lower its shields. When a ship’s shields are down, the Attack stage begins. Once all of the Cooling Nodes from a ship are destroyed, it will be time for your team to head into the heart of the enemy team’s carrier and try to destroy the Core.¬†This is the part that most resembles the iconic trench run from Star Wars.

In addition to the new game mode, the Carrier Assault update also includes:

  • A new multiplayer map known as Crossroads,
  • New Echoes, Salvage, and Survival missions for the single player mode,
  • Boost Gates that add a burst of speed while flying,
  • New match bonuses for experience amplifiers,
  • Tweaking and balancing of the existing ships,
  • And overall AI improvements.

While the game still feels like it’s lacking utilization of the stellar voice acting by way of more fully-structured single player mission content, the new game mode, new map, and slew of other updates goes a long way towards keeping EVE: Valkyrie fresh and fun for existing players and new players alike.

EVE: Valkyrie is also expected to release on HTC Vive and PS VR later this year.

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