Every Game Confirmed for PlayStation VR Launch So Far

by Jamie Feltham • July 1st, 2016

Rift and Vive may already be out, but we’re getting more and more excited for the release of PlayStation VR in just a few months’ time on October 13th.

PS VR perhaps represents VR’s best chance at gaining mainstream recognition in the short term thanks to its low $399 price (at least when compared to the $599 Rift and $799 Vive) and the fact that 40 million people already own the PlayStation 4 console needed to use it. Combine that with an increasingly strong list of compatible games and the headset is looking more and more promising by the day.

batman arkham crime scene

50 titles will be launching on PS VR this year, but what about on day one? We’re eager to know what games we’ll be able to play as soon as we strap on our kits, so we’ve ventured out into the wild and found as many games as we could that are 100% confirmed to be ready on launch day, complete with a source confirming as much.

There are some titles missing from the list simply because we haven’t heard that they’ll definitely be day one releases just yet. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that EVE: Valkyrie is there at launch, for example, but haven’t got official confirmation. Either way, there’s already an impressive number of games ready to go – 18 to be exact – so hopefully you’ve got your pre-order sorted out already.

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What's your reaction?
  • Jonathan Mitchell

    Batman: Arkham VR – Not really interested unless it gets good buzz/reviews
    Battlezone – Might be fun but low on the priority list
    Eagle Flight – I dont know enough about it.
    Harmonix Music VR – not into music games
    Hustle Kings VR – I hadn’t considered it but I have a friend who loves it in 2D, so we’ll see.
    Job Simulator – I’ll buy this to show friends how VR works
    PlayStation VR Worlds – I got the PSVR bundle, so this comes with it.
    Rez Infinite – I’ll buy this to support 8-4 and becasue Rez is rad
    RIGS: Mechanized Combat League – waiting to see how reviews are
    Robinson: The Journey – I expect this to be delayed
    SuperHyperCube – Will buy based on price
    Super Stardust Ultra VR – I feel like this will be a free game Sony gives away at some point.
    Tethered, from Secret Sorcery – Don’t know enough about this one
    The Playroom VR – Free so I’ll mess around with it
    Thumper – Don’t know enough about this one
    Tumble VR – Don’t know enough about this one
    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood – Will buy based on reviews

    Honestly, I’m just hoping EVE Valkyrie and No Man’s Sky (assuming it has PSVR support) are available at launch and I’m all set.

    • If you have any specific questions about Batman, Battlezone, Eagle Flight, Harmonix, Job Sim, PSVR Worlds, Rigs, Robinson, Tethered, Playroom, Thumper, or Until Dawn, let me know! Those are all games we’ve either covered or have played enough to speak about 🙂

      • Joshua Rizk

        What are your favourites from those?

        I am really looking forward to Batman and robinsons.

        I plan to get all of these except maybe harmonix.

        I played london heists and loved it

  • Kismet

    Kismet will be there, too! We are excited to confirm that we will be one of PSVR’s launch titles for October 13th.

  • minimay7

    It’s missing this one game I know… 😉

  • Jayquan Phifer

    They missing some games there where way more games announced.

  • Gabriel Ortiz

    You guys are missing some games like Volume: Coda, Wayward Sky, Futurium EP Deluxe and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

  • Pony

    I thought they said 50 games by year end?

    That’s 17. Are you telling me that 33 more games are coming out in the 2 months after it lunches or did Sony lie at E3 yet again?

    • Elbow_Macaroni

      This is just a list of launch games, not all of the PSVR titles coming in 2016

      • KamiShadow

        Sony’s actual words were that it will release with over 50 titles “at launch.”

        • Derrick Reisdorf

          I think “launch” now days often means “launch window”. Also, this list is missing a bunch of games.

  • disqus_h4AucCutAe

    What about paranormal activity

  • Kris Crawford

    I have psvr ordered with rigs but am thinking of cancelling. Really underwhelmed by launch games. Don’t want short tech demos. Batman is 1 hour long. I want full fledged AAA games in VR and its not looking good for that.

    • Derrick Reisdorf

      Did you cancel your preorder? I almost did after watching/reading a few critical reviews (Giant Bomb being one reviewer). Man, I am glad I didn’t. I’m having so much fun playing what little I’ve played so far. I’ve played all the games on the demo disc and am thinking about picking up Wayward Sky. I really liked Drive Club and to a lesser extent EVE Valkyrie; Battlezone was good, too. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was fun for what it is- a jump-scare on-rails shooter. Gnog seems like a fun puzzle game, but VR doesn’t add much to it. I played the Resident Evil Kitchen demo before, but haven’t tried out the VR version yet. The Harmonix Music VR demo was kind of lame, and I hadn’t tried the Tumble VR demo yet. I thought the Here They Lie demo was hot garbage. Allumette, an animated VR short was pretty cool- you could look around (and move a little inside) the animated VR world while the movie short played. Invasion! was cute, but not as cool as Allumette. Other VR video content that I’ve checked out is kind of lackluster.
      Of the games I did buy, I haven’t yet played RIGS, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Rez Infinite, or Batman:Arkham VR. I really liked Job Simulator. Although Job Simulator’s VR world is obviously unreal with its blocky, cartoony graphics, it feels as if you are in that VR space more than any of the other games I’ve played. And, it is pretty funny. What time I spent with Headmaster seemed pretty fun. Maybe not quite as funny as Job Simulator, but I had a blast heading soccer balls at targets; the head-tracking seemed spot on. I played little of Thumper. It seems like a game you’d have to spend some time with to really “get” it, because it didn’t really blow me away initially- and yet it has received really good reviews. What game really blew me away and had me wanting more of it was Robots Rescue- a “mini-game” tucked inside of Playroom VR. I’m pretty sure I was grinning like an idiot the whole time I was playing this completely adorable VR platformer. The game features some very clever mechanics where you control your mini-robot traditionally using your Dual Shock 4 but also can launch a grappling-hook-winch-tightrope (only in specified spots/areas) from your virtual controller. This provides a way for your robot character to traverse a long gap. You can move the tightrope around by moving your controller about; It’s pretty novel. There’s a couple other interesting uses of tracking in the game as well. The graphics are great, and the music seems something pulled from a modern day Sonic the Hedgehog game.
      Anyway. I’m sure some of the VR “wow” will wear off some time, but there are a lot of games I’ve played that are really good. Sure, some are bite-sized experiences, but to me each there are so many which make it all totally worth it.

      I also briefly tried the World War Toons demo, and it seemed pretty cool in VR. I am okay with crazy VR movement and thought it was pleasantly insane- running around (and bouncing through the air) in VR. It might take a little more for certain folks to get used to, though.