Experience The Future Of Virtual Reality At GTC Europe

by Upload • October 4th, 2017

NVIDIA’s European GPU Technology Conference is right around the corner. The three-day gathering kicks off on October 10, 2017 in Munich, Germany.

GTC Europe will include hundreds of speaker sessions, training labs and demonstrations focusing on a range of technology topics including artificial intelligence, health care, autonomous vehicles and super computing with speakers from NVIDIA, Audi, Facebook, Autodesk and IBM, among other companies.

Virtual reality is also a major focus of this year’s conference and NVIDIA will be hosting a VR Village at the show with a range of VR labs and hands-on training sessions. Attendees will get a chance to try NVIDIA’s Holodeck first-hand and experience the collaborative VR tool for themselves.

Other VR initiatives at GTC Europe include demos of NVIDIA’s 360-degree video stitching SDK, its VRWorks Audio SDK and Isaac, a unique combination of VR and AI which you can challenge to a game of dominoes.

Learn more about GTC Europe and register to attend the event at the official GTC Europe website.

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