Explore a Real Mental Asylum in The Town of Light on Rift Today

by Jamie Feltham • May 9th, 2016

VR games are of course at their best when they’re designed with the tech in mind. We’re willing to make some exceptions, though, and LKA’s The Town of Light is one such case.

The Town of Light is a thoroughly engrossing narrative-driven experience that supports the Oculus Rift from today. In it, you’ll play as Renée, a young girl that was incarcerated in a mental asylum at the age of 16. While the character and story is fictional, the building itself is based off of an actual site that was shut down for its cruel practises on patients. Revisiting the facility years on, Renée will come to terms with some of the horrors that she faced during her time inside as players solve some light puzzles.

I played The Town of Light in VR last year and came away intrigued by what can only be described as a grim and harrowing piece. The story’s dank delivery maybe be a little too depressing for some – hand drawn cutscenes are short on colour and anything remotely happy – but if you can handle the tone then there’s something very unique waiting for you here.

The Rift support, however, needed a little work, as a playground area at the very beginning of the game managed to give someone that’s only experienced simulator sickness once before a heavy case of it. That was nearly a year ago, though, and LKA has worked on the Rift support since the game’s original release back in February, so it hopefully contains some major updates.

VR support arrives for free for anyone that already owns the game on Steam, and LKA will be offering a 25% discount on the title to celebrate its release. That discount isn’t live at the time of writing to make sure to check back later on. The game’s played with either a gamepad or keyboard and mouse, though there’s sadly no mention of a possible Room Scale-supported HTC Vive version just yet. It’s also on its way to the Xbox One later this year. Of course, we’ll also hope for a PlayStation 4 launch with PlayStation VR support at some point.

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