F8 2017: Facebook Spaces Is Company’s Social VR Platform, Launched In Beta

by Jamie Feltham • April 18th, 2017

It’s been a year now since Facebook debuted new social VR features for its network using the Oculus Rift, and today it’s got more to share.

At its keynote speech at F8 this week Facebook debuted its social platform, Facebook Spaces, launched in “very early” Beta today.

The platform still looks very similar to the demo revealed at Oculus Connect 3 last year, but Facebook went far more in-depth with the systems behind it today. It showed its avatar creation system, allowing users to personalize their look. There was also a look at inviting friends and sharing 360 spaces together. The app will use the entire library of 360 content available on Facebook, as well as your own personal photos and videos.

If you want to meet someone in VR but don’t have a Rift, you can call into the space with a smartphone, and you’ll be able to share 2D photos, videos, and more.

Visit the full site for more details.

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