New Gear VR Sign-Up Process Highlights Facebook Over Oculus

by David Jagneaux • April 12th, 2017

The trend is clear: Facebook wants to be the brand people most closely associate with VR, not Oculus. Over the past year ever since the consumer version of the Oculus Rift launched it’s become more and more clear that Oculus is being positioned to be known as the VR team within Facebook, not a wholly separate company any longer.

In fact, the company has been slowly integrating its social network into the ecosystems of both the Rift and Gear VR as well. You can link your Facebook account to find friends more easily and even view 360 photos and videos from the Facebook app directly in a headset. Live streaming from a Gear VR to Facebook was recently debuted as well.

Most of those features are optional or behind the scenes. Until recently, unless you were following the industry, you could buy an Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR without any knowledge that Mark Zuckerberg and company actually owned Oculus. But over the past few weeks, updates have rolled out to the Oculus Home platform on Gear VR that make the connection very clear.

Now, when a new user pops a compatible Samsung smartphone into a Gear VR headset,they’re presented with a screen that clearly says: “Oculus: From Facebook”. Furthermore, the default sign in process is now to directly link your profile with a large, blue “Continue with Facebook” button in the center of the screen.


You can still use your Oculus ID and create an Oculus account if you’d like, but that option is now all the way at the bottom of the screen beneath where it says “Don’t have Facebook?”

We’ve known the slow erosion of the Oculus name was imminent and has gradually been happening for some time, but asking users to connect their social network account to their VR-self feels like a more direct branding decision than anything else we’ve seen thus far.

What's your reaction?
  • Robbie Cartwright

    I think we all knew that this would end up happening at some point, but it’s a bit surprising to me that it’s happening so fast.

    • Rich K

      Palmer Luckey leaving wasn’t good! Now Mark Z will put his name on every aspect of Oculus! Say goodbye to the name “Oculus”

      • Rogue Transfer

        And to the name “Rfit” – ‘Facebook Rift’ doesn’t ring well… I wonder if they’ll come up with something more interesting than: Facebook VR, for their next headset.

  • this stinks to hard

  • CarlosTSG

    I’ve also noted there’s now the big blue buttons both in the Oculus store and on their website, which looks quite odd with the old Oculus black and white scheme. Welcome to FBVR guys.

    • Rich K

      Carlos you took the (Welcome to FBVR guys) words right out of my mouth! Hated Facebook and always will, now here’s a reason to hate it more!

      • CarlosTSG

        Time to get a Vive maybe?

        • Rich K

          I have so much invested in my Rift, might be awhile before I switch. Rift, Touch and 3 sensors! Not to mention about 20 games purchased through Oculus home. I’ll just wait for now.

          • Yes. Me too but I will switch because of this. I didn’t mind them when it was separate. I actually plan on closing my Facebook account due to their shutting down real news.

        • jimrp

          would have gotten one but Vive want lower the price so i got an Oculus. its beautiful just dont like who owns it.

  • NooYawker

    I don’t even have a Facebook account.

  • Me

    Congratulation, you’ve been foculused…

    Seriously who didn’t saw that coming ?

  • polysix

    well exactly what we said when they got bought out, and they denied it, yet more facts of facebook (and oculus) talking complete bollocks.

    On the upside at least they are not blatanly lying anymore by making out ‘oculus’ is even a thing, it’s all facebook now pure and simple and pc gamers don’t like facebook, thus the destruction of that cunty brand within PC VR can begin for real.

    And people still trust facebook?

    • Nobody I know trusts Facebook. They basically have my friends sucked in and nothing else lets you keep up with friends and family remotely. Having said that I plan on closing my Facebook account because of the news censorship and now this. This is too much.

  • Shu Ran

    Well, it was clear that a prof. team would take over, and that at some point Palmer maybe is not qualified enough anymore as a technician, so he can only be, if at all an advisor anymore. And I doubt that Palmer can lead/be chief of such a global & difficult business, also in connections with the interests of Facebook. For such a venture you need a prof. head-team alone made up by the best you can find.
    Palmer did make a lot of bad press in the recent, and I am not sure if a serious place in the company would have really made sense, even in an advisory board. He earned a lot of money, I am sure he is happy as it is. How much was it he got from Facebook, 1 Billion USD, or 2 Billion USD?

    I do not like Facebook. I never used it, apart from having once an account there for around a week. I kinda do not like Mark Zuckerberg as well.

    But I must say I find it great and honorable what Facebook did with Oculus and so with VR! They invested so much money in it, it is incredible! Palmer and Facebook (and HTC Vive) brought us VR. The money of all those Facebook-Users sponsored us the VR technology, and a lot of games.
    And I can imagine it how Mark Zuckerberg tried out VR with Palmer Luckey back in the day and got fascinated by it. And how he recognized how immersive and cool it was, how much potential it had. How he decided to invest a fortune into it, just for the sake of it, for the potential of it – of course also for the benefits for his own core business, Facebook. But still, that was a great step, a honorable decision. And so far they do not let hang the Oculus Rift.
    I myself find the Oculus Rift also the better product in comparison with the actual HTC Vive (054.2017). The ergonomics are way better, the earphones are great, a must have, the screen is a bit better, the set-up is easy and flexible and the roomscale experience is good alone with two cameras (320° vs 360° which does bother within games so very rarely, mostly you orient yourself frontal anyway..). The Oculus Rift is clearly the better (normal) consumer product – alone for the ergonomics and the integrated earphones (can be put on/off with one hand in one second).
    And sure, the Vive has its advantages too and in the end it is a question of preference.
    That Facebook brands Oculus is a normal proceeding. There is nothing demonish about it. Everyone would do so. Let`s just hope that Facebook will keep the Oculus name for the VR-Headset and that you will never need a Facebook-Account by force to use the Oculus Rift. Then it is all good and as expected : )

  • VR Geek

    I like their own foreshadowing with the zeplin and all. Wonder when it will all go down in flames?

  • Not that I actually care at all about connecting accounts (you can connect most forms of media to a facebook account if you wish, and I do for the ease of sharing things) but actually seeing the name on there…right under Oculus…just annoyed the crap outta me for some reason

  • This should kill Oculus. Congrates Facebook on being so clueless.

  • We all knew that this was going to happen…

  • jimrp

    Just keep the name. Why screw with a good name.

  • Milo

    I got oculus on on my Gear VR, and was baffled as to why I could not log in as i deleted my FB account completely about 8 months ago. I was able to make a new account with ease but still ticked off by how deliberately hidden it is. UGH.

  • nobodys business

    I bought A Gear VR thinking I would use it for First Person Video (FPV) with my RC plane. Months later when I tried connecting up my system I learned I could not view my own stuff but had to use Facebook. Well, I threw the F’cn thing in the garbage. I absolutely refuse to use the social engineering site known as Facebook….screw them! ! ! !

  • Dragonheart2299

    When my mother hit the Facebook login she didn’t want to hit it but when she tryed to make a separate account it would force us to use fb now we just don’t even use the vr headset intill we can figure it out to stop it any help

  • 1861man

    I hate the insidious omnipresent (sorry for such strong words but nothing else suits) Facebook. I do not have a FB account so it follows that I now won’t be buying a Samsung VR. Shame but my values come first.

  • James Marcus

    I’m in the market for a VR headset, I’ve got the money, high end computer and ready to buy. But I will be damned if I have to create a FB account to use it now or in the future. This is the only thing that is stopping be from buying Occulus

  • Aaron Cloward

    The Facebook requirement is absolutely absurd. The Gear VR is completely useless to me now because I absolutely refuse to use FB. I’m 100x more upset that I specifically bought a Galaxy S7 ($600, when S7 was the latest/greatest) so that I could use Gear VR to develop 360 documentaries. So, because of this horrible business decision, Samsung has also lost my business. Pixel/Dream, here I come!

  • Flashwork

    You will have seen by now how you have been played by Fakebook into voting for that imbecile Trump via Cambridge analytica. Why should a VR headset have to have Fakebook software. Suckerberg should be thrown in jail and left to rot.

  • FloridaOJ

    Old post, but I have to say this: Facebook is our best chance at anything close to the Oasis happening in real life. With the full scale integrations needed… come on people. Besides, the CV1’s release is all due to Facebook’s direct involvement and monetization.