Facebook Working To ‘Recreate The Rooms Of Your Childhood’

by Ian Hamilton • May 1st, 2018

Facebook is working on a way for you to relive your childhood.

During its F8 developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described research underway aimed at using existing photographs to recreate dreamy 3D representations of those rooms you could visit in virtual reality with family and friends.


If you have some photos from your childhood home, we can now use computer vision to fill in the gaps with this pointillism effect and recreate the rooms of your childhood home where you grew up. So you’re going to be able to go into VR with your family and visit and feel like you were right there. It feels like you’re in a dream. It’s wild.

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  • MarquisDeSang

    My childhood home was haunted, I dont’ want to relive that.

    • Firestorm185

      relive the spoop

  • plrr

    I suspect it’s not quite as good as it sounds. But I’ve been hoping to make 3D environments from childhood photos one day.

  • I did something very similar a few years ago with a DK2 and photogrammetry. I asked my wife who had just got home from a hard days work to sit still while I created a photogrammetry of her and the room we rented. I wanted to capture a moment in time, like a photograph but in 3D. It’s really cool to go back to it in VR, the impact of nostalgia is really high using this method. Combined with ambient audio increases it further.

    At the time, I used 3D Zephyr and then imported the 3D model and textures in to the Unreal engine and used a plugin for enabling the Rift (it’s native now so super easy), I was then able to walk up to my frozen in time wife in our old flat, it’s a trippy experience.

    I’m looking forward to this becoming more commonplace, I was hoping it would be a thing now but project Tango doesn’t seem to have worked its way in to phones as much as I would have liked so creating these scenes takes more work than most people would be prepared to put in.

    • SendsV8

      Have you checked out Google’s Lightfields virtual stills yet? Recreating a scene in 3D is one thing, but capturing the light angles as well (within a few degrees) is simply breathtaking for feeling like you’ve time traveled to the scene with time stopped still.