New Falcon Age Update Addresses Some Of The Game’s Biggest Issues

by Jamie Feltham • April 24th, 2019

We really liked Falcon Age, the VR debut from Outerloop Games, but it wasn’t without its issues. This week’s first update to the PSVR adventure addresses some of the bigger ones.

A heck of a lot of tweaking has been done here, largely for the game’s control scheme. You can now switch hands for locomotion and bird-pointing, for example. Most importantly, though, a bug that stopped your bird from resting on your hand when using smooth locomotion has now been fixed. Auto-aim for your whip weapon has also been increased.

Other combat refinements include a new stun animation for heavy sentry units and hit animations for alarm drones. You’ll also have more time to fight shock enemies on fairer ground, too. Finally for fixes Outerloop has ironed out some typos and a handful of bugs.

But that’s not all. The developer also added in a bunch of new cosmetic items for your bird. Along with a new type of skateboard with new trick animations, you can now adorn your companion with a yo-yo, sunglasses, goggles, baseball cap and more. The full changelog and a short trailer can be found here.

It’s great to see Falcon Age getting this support. We found a lot to love about the game, but its technical shortcomings held it back. “Falcon Age nurtures a soft spot inside of you, one big enough to overlook many of its technical shortcomings,” we wrote. “It’s a sentimental game, one that knows VR’s ability to build relationships is as compelling as and additive to any other feature. It never fully capitalizes on that connection in the way you might expect, but it’s a spark of companionship to be cherished all the same. That’s something the industry could use a little more of.”

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