Bethesda: Fallout 4 VR Will ‘Blow Your Mind’ With New E3 2017 Demo

by David Jagneaux • March 21st, 2017

Ever since it was announced at Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference last year Fallout 4 VR has quickly risen up the ranks of conversation to become one of the most anticipated VR games on the market. We came away mostly impressed with it when we tried it out during the show and both Pete Hines and Todd Howard have since gone on record to emphasize that this is the full, uncompromised Fallout 4 experience receiving the VR treatment — it’s not just a demo or abbreviated experience.

Earlier this month at the 2017 PAX East conference, gaming personality Hip Hop Gamer did an on-camera interview with Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines. During the interview Hines mostly talked about Nintendo’s new Switch console, but at the end he discussed the current development status of Fallout 4 VR by recalling a conversation he had with Lead Designer Todd Howard:

“I talked to Todd the other day and I was like, ‘Hey how’s Fallout 4 [VR] coming?’ and he said, ‘Pete, Fallout 4 VR is the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen in your life. You can’t even imagine what it’s like playing in VR and how realistic it looks with everywhere you turn your head. It’s gonna blow your mind. It’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen.’

…We will have it at E3.”

Details are still scarce outside of that limited demo we saw almost a year ago, but word on the street is that multiple locomotion systems are in the works, as opposed to just teleportation, which is all I saw at E3 last year. Hopefully this new demo has a lot more to show.

Obviously it’s the VP of Marketing’s job to hype up a big release like the entirety of Fallout 4 coming to VR, but strong words like that bode well for a company with a track record as positive as Bethesda’s. Let’s cross out fingers that all of this extra time with the underlying code in Fallout 4 means the VR edition will hopefully have fewer bugs this time around.

As it stands, the HTC Vive is the only confirmed platform for Fallout 4 VR and it is expected to release this year. Hopefully more details will come out right before or during E3 2017.

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  • 1droidfan

    Sounds awesome but as a Rift owner I doubt I will get to experience it or DoomVR. Hopefully they are the killer VR apps that drive people to buy headsets. RoboRecall is amazing but I doubt it will cause average people to rush out and buy.

    • Justin Ross

      Eh, if they’re spending this much energy on it, I have a hard time believing that they’re not going to make it available for as much of the (already-tiny) VR market as possible.

      • Get real flappy. Zenimax and octopusvr cooden have a worse relationship. It’s hilarious that octopus users who have so many bribed exclusives find it impossible to imagine being locked out of a AAA from the other platform.

        So every time there’s an octopus bribed exclusive…do Vive users believe they won’t be excluded because publishers want to sell to the biggest audience? Well you’ve answered your own question. Exclusives area only good for dividing vr users. Ultimately they limit sales for developers.

        • Steve Biegun

          Hey man, can we keep this a little less toxic in here? We all want the same thing – to play some cool games and have some unique experiences on the headsets that we prefer.

          • brian greyson

            Thank you.

          • Yes we can.

        • Justos

          welcome to the block list.

          • Oh god. So upsetting.

          • Mourz

            Justos is still just upset he bought the rift. We his regret on here every day.

        • 1droidfan

          Why is it that some people can only have fun if they feel its at the expense of another? Just enjoy your stuff man, no need to make it an us vs them thing.

        • Radek

          Oculus is blocking games that they are funding that is the deal. If VIVE will fully fund some game and will want it not to be available to Oculus everyone will probably understand that. If it is just game developer better that want to earn money they will make it available to everybody.

          • Get Schwifty!

            Stop making sense…. so, what you are saying is if a company *gasp* pays for development then they have a right to decide who they allow to play the games? How dare you…. 🙂

      • elev8d

        Yep, they are definitely building on the OpenVR sdk with Vive/Rift compatibility. Not sure if they will release it on the Oculus store as well.

        • MarkZ

          I’d be afraid to buy anything from Oculus store – never know if it’s going to go poof and vanish. I prefer all my games in Steam anyway since it works for both Rift and Vive, and Steam will be around forever.

          Plus I already own Fallout 4 on Steam so hopefully the VR version will be a minimal upgrade fee rather than a whole new $60 game.

          • 1droidfan

            Im just the opposite. All my Steam titles except The Lab have issues with the Rift, whether its slower performance, improper hand placement, poor button management. Its pretty clear that Oculus requires Home games to be built with their SDK and it just runs better than stuff thats going through SteamVR which is clearly designed around the Vive.

          • Radek

            Exactly Oculus store is better all is more smooth and environment is nicer than steam. Agree that buying different headset in the future can be problem and can be better to have games on steam but I don’t think games that exist now will be something i will be playing on new headsets in 2019+ so it really doesn’t matter and i prefer Oculus store for Oculus 🙂

          • Mourz

            good one lol. I hope the others get the sarcasm.

          • Get Schwifty!

            He’s serious Mourz… some people feel that way. Truth is it IS easier to navigate Oculus Home than Steam (though I use both I prefer the greater functionality of Steam despite it’s bugginess at times).

          • lostformofvr

            Well, if your are happy having a worst perfomance of the games than if you play them from home and with more bugs, then it is ok.

          • Get Schwifty!

            I haven’t tried but I believe you can play Oculus Home games offline..

      • naffgeek

        maybe inform Oculus of that.

    • Get Schwifty!

      Give it time…. like PC owners who had to wait a year+ for GTA V to be available, almost all these Rift or Vive ‘exclusives’ will be available across the board.

  • John Collins

    As a Rift owner as well I am hoping they are just downplaying that it will available for Rift with the legal issues still going. This was the one game that had me on the fence as to which headset to get. Can’t wait to see what they did with it and to find out about movement. Glad we will get a taste of it at E3.

    • naffgeek

      Don’t worry the Rift exclusive release schedule looks pretty healthy.

      • Fanatoli Guyoff

        Haven’t met a rift exclusive I have been unable to play on the vive yet. 🙂 I call them rift funded vive games instead.

        • Chris Thorpe

          lmao yep!!! Same here! I own 9 Oculus home paid games and they all work amazing. Probably better than on Rift with Vives spot on lighthouse tracking!

          • Sebastien Mathieu

            yep!!! did you play robo recall??? do you you have some lag or it’s just me???

          • NooYawker

            I’ve read that it lags and they said it on some videos I watched. I played first level on the unreal engine and that works without lag.

        • NooYawker

          Edge of nowhere could use a touch of work. But yea most everything runs perfect of revive.

          • Richard

            I use medium with revive as part of my 3d modeling workflow now (replaces zbrush). It is amazing for that.

        • naffgeek

          I haven’t used Revive yet, thought it might be a bit wonky with the Vive wands trying to emulate the touch controllers, i am more than willing to listen to people who tell me different though.

          I am also fine waiting for timed exclusives and supporting them on steam.

          • Fanatoli Guyoff

            Try out luckys tale maybe (pretty sure that’s still an exclusive?) doesn’t need oculus style controllers for that one

          • Brandon Hughes

            ived tried Revive with alot of oculus games. i cant even tell the games were not made for vive. the only difference is what button the game tells you to press.

      • Sebastien Mathieu

        ReVive?? it works well for me…

        • naffgeek

          Cannot bring myself to install it, always thought it would be a bit of a bodge on the controls.

      • Brandon Hughes

        Rift exclusive will kill the VR market. exclusives are only good for the company selling them. they are never good for the consumer.

    • Justos

      They are building with valves sdk so expect that much support. If they hardware lock it dont expect Vive owners to care. Its justified on their side when it is against Oculus.

      • MarkZ

        What are you even squirting tears about? They’re building it with OpenVR so it’ll work for everyone.

        • Justos

          Oculus blocked revive because Vive owners were getting FREE software that was for owners of their product. Not the competition.

          They clearly backtracked and made you guys pay for said software through the hack instead. Everybody wins. When a true open standard arrives you will be able to buy through home without a hack. Oculus has no interest in putting valves sdk in their storefront and thats their decision.

          • Jim Bond

            “When a true open standard arrives you will be able to buy through home without a hack.”

            I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Facebook isn’t making timed exclusive content because of non open API. They’re doing it because they want to sell as many Rifts as possible while purposefully locking out the rest of the industry.

          • Justos

            Not at all. A recent interview with Jasin Rubin says otherwise. Do some research.

          • Chris Thorpe

            Bullshit. He was talking out of his ass in that interview.

          • Jim Cherry

            and your opinion is 100 percent better than his words.

        • lostformofvr

          OpenVr is not for everyone. It’s for Valve and its 30%. Naive.

      • NooYawker

        Do you really expect them to hardware lock it? Oculus did it because they had interests to get people to buy their hardware. Bethesda has no stock in the hardware so it wouldn’t make sense for them to do such a scumbag move.

        • Justos

          I think anything can happen. Google hardware locked their content that worked fine and there was no rage, I expect the same from Bethesda (parent company Zenimax) and will be pleasantly surprised if im wrong.

          • NooYawker

            I don’t expect them to do it but I kind of do because while I think doing so is childish, vindictive, and ultimately self destructive… I don’t underestimate the ego’s of corporate executives anymore.

          • Chris Thorpe

            See i fully expect them to lock it from Rift users. I mean Zenimax truly feels Carmack stole their technology. If that doesnt make a company want to sink the competition idk what would.

          • Ryan Armstrong

            You really think fallout 4 being locked so rift users can’t use it will sink Oculus? Are you that deluded?

          • Get Schwifty!

            It’s a spite maneuver….

        • Get Schwifty!

          I think the interest is more in establishing a brand and not being held hostage by the whims of Steam who’s clear partner is HTC… and if they wish to sell content to non-gamers, establishing a store front of their own only makes sense since it won’t be covered in Vive logos.

          • NooYawker

            I think VR will stay in the entertainment sector while AR will be the more expansive platform with more practical functions.

          • Get Schwifty!

            Agreed… but Oculus is establishing a brand recognition beyond just gaming… this is something that a lot of folks, particularly Oculus haters just can’t seem to grasp… present company excluded of course 😉

          • NooYawker

            Lol. I try not to do the fanboy thing. It’s more my prejudice towards FB than the oculus itself.

          • Get Schwifty!

            No, believe me I know you don’t – we are just discussing between us 🙂 You’re conversations are always on topic and civil, which I appreciate.

          • Lomax

            steam is not a exclusive partner with HTC there is a LG HMD on the way also that will work with all steam VR games.

          • Cl

            How is supporting openVR in their oculus store holding them hostage? It can be up to the devs to support it. Right now they dont allow it. They can establish a brand by making it oculus store exclusive.

      • killdozer

        > They are building with valves sdk so expect that much support

        much better that oculus support for vive users, so dont whine

    • NooYawker

      At the end of the day Zenimax likes money. And if Oculus uses are willing to pay, they’re going to provide it.

      • killdozer

        > And if Oculus uses are willing to pay, they’re going to provide it.

        you mean like oculus is providing for vive users

        • NooYawker

          FB and zenimax have different business models. Zenimax is sell stuff for profits. FB is get people on your platform to get their data. If you’re using an oculus game but not their hardware you’re no good to them.

          • Chris Thorpe

            I dont buy that. You dont think Facebook can data mine through software only? Shit my Oculus Home on Vive is “always on” even when i close revive. I have to end process in the task manager to stop the facebook data mining lol. Even then i bet its still there. Facebook is like a data leech that never goes away once you get aquainted.

          • uberwolfe

            Take your tinfoil hat off. The data that has been analyzed several times. There is no “data mining” from the Oculus background process. Bloody hell, you Vive guys can be so annoying.

          • NooYawker

            Yea because Facebook doesn’t care about personal data.

          • uberwolfe

            What does that have to do with my comment?

          • NooYawker

            Turn off the oculus runtime service and only turn it on if you need.

      • Chris Thorpe

        Not so sure about this. It is pretty darn heated between those 2 companies. It seems like Fallout4 VR is probably not getting too heavily invested in as they are just converting an already complete game so im sure their resources spent pale in comparison to making a VR game from the ground up.

    • Get Schwifty!

      It would be nice but don’t hold your breath for it at first. While they may not support Rift directly I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a Revive-like clone or shim of some kind be produced to let Rift players play it with Touch support. Lack of definable “touch” looking hands is likely though, it’ll probably mean a view with the wands… at first.

      • 1droidfan

        My guess is it wont even be playable on the Rift but some clever hacks by the community will allow Rift owners to sort of get a decent experience out of it, where it will really shine on the Vive.

        • Chris Thorpe

          This. Id place bets it will be a while before people get it running on the Rift. I feel bad for them but at the same time i dont. They preach their exclusive games all the time id love to see the top VR game of the year be Vive exclusive just to spite the Rift fanboys. We all know Zenimax has it out for Oculus so who knows what they have up their sleeve! Watch Fallout 4 require a Vive Tracker to be played. That would be the nail in the coffin.

          • Get Schwifty!

            Petty… and as i said, if Revive can make most Oculus games work then it’s likely a similar software hack will become available to allow Rift players to play FO4 VR. “Spiting fanboys” just basically puts you in the same camp… the fans of Oculus don’t usually favor exclusives, that is the prerogative of Oculus itself. In effect you are judging them for making a hardware purchase decision you don’t happen to like.

          • Chris Thorpe

            No sorry, dealt with enough of them to justify wanting to see ONE exclusive game for Vive. One killer killer exclusive game. Every other game i dont care. Petty? Sure. Don’t care. I think spiting the fanboys just this once would really even things up a bit and encourage some of them to have some empathy. We will call it tough love.

          • Jesterchat

            but… it means you’re being just as bad as them? Why would you tell others not to be jerks and then act like a jerk yourself the first time you’re given the opportunity? If you do that why would they ever listen to you?

          • Get Schwifty!

            Of course, lets not even discuss the problem of Vive fanboys right?

          • No Spam

            Don’t wish punishment on the entire fan base because of a few a-holes, especially since both sides have them.

            Most people with a Rift want Oculus to fully support Home on the Vive so they’re just “store exclusives” that everyone could play.

          • Jesterchat

            …Though a product being de-facto exclusive to one headset because of a legal battle with the company that makes the other headset is quite different to a product being exclusive because the headset company funded it. I dunno mate, you gotta be careful with ideas like “just to spite the rift fanboys”, which makes it a personal thing and gives up the philosophical highground of “VR should be an open platform and exclusives are bad for VR”. It comes across as an argument you only make when you’re on the losing side of an exclusivity deal.

          • No Spam

            Unfortunately it would be a nail in the coffin for Fallout VR’s success. Requiring a $100 accessory to play would be a death sentence.

            *Supporting* trackers would be amazing though. Allowing for full body presence if you strap them to knees, or some other creative use would really set the Vive version ahead and probably be enough to goose its sales over the Rift.

          • 1droidfan

            Personally I have never seen a Rift owner “preach” exclusive games to anyone but hey, if that gives you some sort of perverse pleasure I would have to say, your life must be pretty small.

        • Wassoll Das

          there was already an example for that.

          Google Earth VR was, originally, only working on the Vive and not on the Rift. It blocked them actively by checking for a Vive.
          I also recall, it took a few days and a clever hack made it possible for Rift owners to use Google Earth VR.

          There wasconspirancy theories all over the web if this is a war between Facebook and Google, with Google opening fire with this move.

          Some time later, Google said, of course Rift will get access to Google Earth VR, once Touch is officially out and the software was prepared for Touch use. Until then, the software would block out Rifts.

  • My eyes are soo ready for this… not sure about my legs. Gonna be a lot of standing.

    • NooYawker

      One of the major things they’ve been working on is motion sickness. So let’s see what they came up with. Probably lowered speeds, maybe no strafing.. I remember them talking about not liking teleporting but maybe they included it as an option. Whatever the case, it was a big part of this project.

      • Yeah that’s what I gather from the few quotes we’ve gotten; Options. Teleporting just doesn’t sound feasible for a game like this. Seeing the Prydwin explode will look pretty epic in VR.

      • Elijah

        Weak human. You must be culled.

        • NooYawker

          Arrogant beast!!!

  • polysix

    Y’see this is very cool, but as an ex-viver and rift-avoider gen 1 is dead to me. I would prefer to wait to play such a glorious VR moment as this (not even played the normal game due to the VR news for it) on a MUCH BETTER VR system, higher res, higher FOV, better ergonomics, less/no god rays… basically GEN 2.

    So I hope it’s forward compatible with whatever comes next as I won’t be playing this till at least 2018 and maybe 2019 if Valve/Oculus drag their heels with GEN 2 release. Anything less than 4k foveated is a waste for a game of this stature. I’m stick of low res in VR now. VIVE 2 / LG 2 /whoever 2 with a GTX 2080/3080 in 2018/2019 would do the trick for me. I can be patient, that said they really need to hurry the fuck up with GEN 2.

    • MarkZ

      No need to hang around whining about gen1 in the meantime then.

      Off ya go.

      • 1droidfan

        Sounds like BS to me, I cant imagine a true VR enthusiast just giving up and not using it for 2+ years just to wait for better tech. I mean, its really amazing right now. Sure the future will always be better, if you follow his reasoning you might as well never get a VR headset since the future will always be a lot better. My guess is he never had a Vive, probably cant get his parents to buy him one and he is hoping to actually get a job and out of the house by the time Gen 2 arrive, lol.

    • elev8d

      Lens technology still has a long ways to go as far as I know. Panel technology however is available now, just a matter of cost. GPU of a GTX1080 is powerful enough for all current VR titles and will probably look great on a higher PPI/FOV panel with the way people are currently super sampling.

    • Radek

      We can play in low res / FOV and then to switch to better i dont see any problem with that 🙂

    • Kacey Sherrard

      right…… good luck waiting another atleast 3 years (they arent planning on a new headset for a while). Selling it was a bit stupid, especially considering HTC are going for the modular approach Congratulations you’ve just made it so you’ll have to pay the full price for any improvements instead of getting all the modular improvements at a cheaper price. Compatibility isnt an issue, it just resolution. Also there is nothing wrong with the current resolution on the headset. Ever tried setting a game to 4k on gen1? EVERYTHING is crystal clear especially text, it just hits your system hard. Basically just super enhanced anti-aliasing does the same thing. But the point is theres nothing wrong with the current headset. current FOV and res will be completely fine in Fallout 4. And i ran Fallout 4 on high at 4k in VR on a gtx 970. Sure it was at 20fps. But put it down the 2 k, i get 60 fps. put the right settings to medium/high, i get 90-70 fps. And then assuming they’ve optimizing the settings more for VR, youll get even better results.

  • indi01

    So will we finally get a release date?

  • JustNiz

    Vive SO badly needs more AAA games. Between this and TPcast, Roomscale VR is gonna start getting amazing. Also Gabe has confirmed that Valve are working on 3 titles. We can only hope that at least one will drop this year too.

    • towblerone

      Commercial VR headsets haven’t been out a year. Flat gaming has had more than 30 years to establish itself. VR will get there.

    • Crate – A – Day

      I don’t know… I have way more hours in Rec Room than any other game!

      • davidemo89

        onward is my main vr game. Love it

      • Je Fais Marrer

        SAME hahaha

    • Daniel Godfrey

      agree, ive listed my HTC Vive as used for sale now. Given up hope of games happening for it. Its just not supported by game dev’s.

      prime example, was the Nvidia Sheild Tablet. the spec matches the Nintendo Switch. But due to no companys backing it it failed. the switch came out a few weeks ago and already have AAA games out.

      i just dont see HTC Vive getting the backing it needs till the HTC Vive 3 is out.. 🙁

      • Kacey Sherrard

        I dont get why your selling it, AAA game dev companies have stated they are making games for VR (all including support for Vive) last year, it takes at least 3 years to make a good AAA game. So im not really sure what your expecting, all really good games for the headset wont be out for a couple years. And HTC arent planning on upgrading the vive for a few years, so again, i think selling it is pointless right now, and even then they arent then stopping support on the current one, because the idea is you can just buy the improved parts separately for a cheaper price.

        • Daniel Godfrey

          Granted they are developing the games, but when will they be out? (takes a few years for a good game as a minimum) i honestly regret buying the vive and wish i could get a full refund for a new project/toy.

          If i had known there was no real game developers doing anything until the next few years from now, i would of waited. really would of. Now im stuck with hardware that will be replaced by newer hardware (Wireless/Tracking accessories/higher resolution and refresh rate, New Light House design. list goes on…..) by the time the games come out. (i will have swapped out 8-10 graphics cards at this point to meet the new requirement every week when it changes)

          its just i got it from launch, was tempted with Budget cuts/Fallout VR but found its more, Cheapo App/demo games. Just nothing worth the money to purchase. Some games are “Alpha” and Early Access yet cost close to a full game. yet you get 1 or 2 levels maybe a 2-3 hour full play though just doesn’t seem worth my time. (Some get updated by the creators, others get forgotten as they have made there money)

          If i wanted to play cheapo app games, id use a tablet. not a 800 pound VR system to run comical cheapo poorly made games aimed at profit instead of content. Im sure most of these cheapo games work via Mobile phone with the VR headset thing for phones.

          some games are great, truly amazing but there are rare and not many. Ive not turned it on now since Christmass to be honest.

          Massive massive regret!

          (granted its not HTC’s fault, but the game company’s and if it follows the same outcome as the Nvidia Shield then its going to fail, I hate to admit it but. PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox have the game companys already backing them. they make the hardware they get the games. yet HTC invent the next step and its “uncommon ground” so the developers dont give a care or interest.

          • No Spam

            Have you used Revive and played some of the content from Oculus Home? I know some people are against that, but if you’re going to sell the Vive anyway…

            Robo Recall, Dead and Buried, SuperHot (though short, it’s great), and even controller games like Landfall (new), Chronos or Edge of Nowhere are all great and full games. The Unspoken is awesome if you like multiplayer. Rock Band VR comes out tomorrow. Then there’s Arizona Sunshine, Elite Dangerous, Drift or Project Cars, Vanishing Realms, Climbey, Onward, Eleven Table Tennis, Rec Room, and Raw Data all on Steam.

            Coming this year are new games like Star Trek Bridge Crew, Mage’s Tale, From Other Suns, Arktika.1, and Killing Floor.

            I don’t know, the last problem I have is finding full games to play.

          • Jukka Muhonen

            Yes there is lot of good games allready out and more coming from big developers. I think VR gaming might not be your thing if you are hurry to sell Vive, because i was amazed of immersion.

          • CMcD

            Yeah currently absolutely loving my rift and the AAA games that have landed there. AND HOLY SHIT do games look great with gtx 1080 ti. I think I’m LowlyKnight on rift, shoot me an invite sometime if you want to play some dead and buried or something.

          • Kacey Sherrard

            again, i think you gave in too soon, been quite a few good games since christmas too, and again, like i said HTC arent releasing gen 2 for another 3-4 years or more (as they are relying on modular upgrades, its jsut gonna be more expensive for you now, as i bet you didnt sell it for the price you bought it). Many of the AAA games will be out ‘within’ 2 years from now, some are coming at the end of this year. Its nothing like the nvidia shield. It has lots of backers, i think youve probably not checked the VR news lately but the majority of VR developers are developing for the Vive, because of its popularity and modularity and HTC’s statement on upgrades, so people specifically wont have to worry about upgrading.

            Im am not sure where you are getting this from, but lots of Dev’s care. You says dev arent doing anything until a two years from now, thats not what i said either. AAA will become available throughout the next two years, not just after.

            And something that vex’s me and makes me think you ahve no idea what you are talking about it that you said youd swap out 8-10 graphics cards by 2 years from now? Someone who has a gtx 970 wont have to swap out 2 years from now for VR. Even when VR wasnt a thiing, ive upgraded ONCE in the past 7 years……

          • henleyb

            There’s tons out there now, I’ve been playing with ‘New Retro Arcade: Neon’ today. Having my own 80s games arcade with the cabinets running emulators of the actual game ROMS, along with SNES, Gameboy etc in VR is mind blowing! I’m so glad I bought the Vive, and yeah – I wish there was more out there already, but we’re trail blazing here and already have a ton of awesome stuff to enjoy.

          • Compound is free and made by one person and it is awesome. It’s free on the steam store, or at least the demo is. It looks like an 8 bit game but it’s in VR and pretty fun to play.

      • towblerone

        What a fickle non-fan. This is what happens when the instant gratification generation doesn’t get what it wants YESTERDAY. Dump and run.

        The headsets haven’t been out A YEAR and people are wondering why there aren’t massive “AAA games” for them. Seriously, what?! Don’t you people know the development cycles for the kinds of games you’re asking for?

        Even IF devs started working on the games you’re asking for the day that Carmack showed off the earliest, taped-together Rift prototype in 2012/early 2013, those games would likely still be in development.

        It’s going to take time. It’s like you bought a Model T and are p!ssed that it doesn’t have GPS.

        • Well said.

        • CaptainAwesomer

          That’s why my great grandfather got rid of his Model T, he was like “WTF? No GPS?” and sold it.

        • pontifexa

          Model T, eh?

          Vive is state of the art today, and a fairly sorry state at that. A more suitable comparison is this:

          You buy a brand new Tesla Model S, but for inexplicable reasons, it only goes 30 mph. Not wanting to be a non-fan-boi like all the rest, only craving the next immediate gratification, you hold on to that Model S. Cherish it, even. Praise it in online forums on a daily basis. Polish it every week. Vacuum the interior twice a month. Dream of smooth, curvy roads every night. Two years later, Tesla releases the Model T, which goes 200 mph as specced. Everyone runs to buy one, singing odes to the revolutionary technology it houses. Your shiny old Model S, though. The one you’ve cared so meticulously for over the years. It’s already forgotten. Hardly worth its weight in plastic.

          (Moral of the story.. technology depreciates incredibly fast. Holding on to a piece that your’e not enjoying or using makes absolutely no sense. If you decide to buy a new one in the future, it will be both cheaper and better.)

          • towblerone

            The hell are you talking about? lol

          • Cl

            A better one would be: you buy an amazing new smartphone, but there are no cases you like for it. Don’t feel like waiting for one to come out so you sell it and settle for a flip phone with a nice case.

          • Brandon Hughes

            that’s a perfect reference.

        • CityLims

          People like that will never be happy with anything. Must really suck to be them. There’s no helping people who lack both perspective and patience, they only focus on their disappointment.

          • towblerone

            It’s a byproduct of the instant gratification generation. No one has patience.

        • Desertwhale

          This. All I heard on Vive forums as soon as it came out was OMG screendoor!? OMG fresnel lenses!? This generation of entitled kids is disturbing. They don’t know the history of video games and what the more “seasoned” generations grew up with. Hey kids…did you know our phones had cords on them and had to be plugged into a wall? Into the same port our computers plugged into to connect to the internet at 56kbps?

          • towblerone

            And of course they’ll immediately buy back in later. It’s just unproductive pouting on their end.

          • towblerone

            Even though I still refer to myself as a gamer, I REALLY can’t wait for VR to grow to the point that it’s divorced itself from gaming and established itself as its own medium with its own consumer base that extends beyond console/PC gamers. VR development will be hampered by gamers who just want the same old [email protected] over and over again, only in a gimmicky format.

        • Ondřej Theodor Plíva

          Its simply brou like vr developer of games i can say that vr game is not pays off…

          • towblerone


      • Where’s it listed? and for how much?

      • Dave


        “I talked to Todd the other day and I was like, ‘Hey
        how’s Fallout 4 [VR] coming?’ and he said, ‘Pete, Fallout 4 VR is the
        most incredible thing you’ve ever seen in your life. You can’t even
        imagine what it’s like playing in VR and how realistic it looks with
        everywhere you turn your head. It’s gonna blow your mind. It’s the
        craziest thing you’ve ever seen.’
        …We will have it at E3.”


        “ive listed my HTC Vive as used for sale now. Given up hope of games happening for it.”


        All I can say is VR isn’t for you. I just recently docked a module on the ISS, breathtaking. Earlier I was pulling limbs off robots and tonight I’ll do a spot of climbing. I love my Rift.

      • What a complete numpty brained moron. Give your Vive to someone with a higher intellect.

      • Alistair Stewart

        I’ve been working on locomotion methods for a few months now. The whole reason I got a Vive was wanting to play games like Skyrim but in proper full on VR. Now that I’ve got the basics sorted out (swimming, climbing, some basic parkour like vaults, pretty much no motion sickness because I don’t use strafing or gradual accelerations), and my uncle has been building out a game world to explore, it’s starting to get fun. We have a pirate ship that you can climb and then jump off of. I’m going to add in more game-like elements soon, but should probably release what I’ve got so far on Early Access soon.

        So basically, don’t worry. I’m sure there are a few folks like me who are out there making fun VR content 🙂

      • CityLims

        Bailing out before even one year…. bye then

    • 213 Nsx

      What the fuck are you? 12? Jesus Christ.

      • Derek Jones

        Was your post an example of what a mature person would type?

  • Andrew Mcevoy

    My body is ready..

  • Guygasm

    I’m sure he’s busy, but I find it odd that the VP of PR & Marketing for the publisher (Bethesda Softworks) is going on second hand accounts from the Lead Designer at the game developer (Bethesda Game Studios). Has he even tried Fallout 4 VR? The game has had a playable demo in some form for 9+ months. Especially odd with Zenimax being THE VR innovator with years of research and millions of dollars invested.

  • Garbagio Dumpsterino

    I just hope it’s not a 2nd purchase. I didn’t really get my money’s worth when I bought FO4.

    • Brad

      I don’t think a full $60 price tag for people that already own Fallout 4 would be fair, but I don’t think that asking owners to pay $20 to upgrade would be unreasonable. This has taken them years, so they are obviously putting a lot of work into it.

    • nalex66

      Pete Hines has previously said (in an interview with UploadVR) that it will be a standalone game.

      • Cl

        …Thats upsetting

  • Fanatoli Guyoff

    Hurry up before I break my Vive with sweat getting into the lenses which will eventually happen because it makes my face so damn sweaty

  • lostformofvr

    I won’t buy anything from the selfish vultures of Bethesda.

  • Jim Rimmer

    Robo Recall is the best game in VR so far BY A COUNTRY MILE. This could be interesting. Id still rather witcher 3 in real vr ~(vorpx can fuck off)

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    Roomscale FALLOUT 4 man!!! iMAGINE THAT!!!!

  • UnderbaraSverige

    Well I spend hundred hours of this game but it didn’t hook me like fallout 3 and fallout new vegas.

  • Rothgarr

    Dang, I could have sworn this was also coming to PSVR…

  • Ted Joseph

    My luck.. I have been playing Arizona Sunshine on the Rift almost daily because there are no other similar campaign VR games out. Now I hear this may not come to RIFT!!!???

  • Johnny Phan

    How about Metro 2033 VR baby?

    • Limerance

      Can’t wait to shit myself

  • Fear Monkey

    I hope Fallout 4 VR comes to the PSVR in some way. Even if its degraded in some form I’d take it. I could see it being announced for Scorpio though if MS provides a VR solution, which im sure they will, even if its just open up the scorpio to All VR headsets. Fallout 4 in VR would be amazing.

  • Tad Springer

    Knowing bethesda games and their bugs this will just be getting stuck on scenery and then falling through the earth in VR; what fun that will be!

  • Ted Joseph

    Seriously! I sold my Vive and kept the Rift because the controllers felt much more immersive, and now FO is exclusive!?? It better come out for the Rift!!!

  • vulkman

    God how much I’d love to see that on PSVR with Aim support!

  • Joseph Parker

    Exclusives for peripherals. Great. Welcome to 2017. What next? Certain games will be playable with a certain mouse and keyboard combo? “Exclusive for Logitech” lol.

  • Duane Locsin

    now that I finally have a powerful gaming laptop (Alienware 15′ R3) I am soon able to get what I have always been wanting since it was first released…the HTC Vive.

    **I have used the Samsung Gear VR for over a year, been using the PSVR since it was released so I am quite prepared for next step**

  • Mtoomb

    Grand Theft Auto VR. The thought alone makes my curlies crackle.