Here’s How To Get Fallout 4 VR Working On Oculus Rift

by Jamie Feltham • December 11th, 2017

Fallout 4 VR, arguably the biggest VR game of the year, is now out on the HTC Vive. But Oculus Rift fans need not fear; the game does indeed work on your headset of choice thanks to SteamVR support. However, there are a few things you’ll need to know in order to make the experience as smooth as possible.

What You’ll Need

First up, take note that Fallout 4 VR does not support gamepads fully as of this moment (more on that a little later). So, if you’re planning to play the game on Rift, you’ll need a pair of Touch controllers. That probably isn’t much to ask for considering lots of Rift owners have Touch now, though. Also, obviously, you’ll want a copy of the game which you can grab from Steam. Finally, as the game is designed for Vive, it assumes you’re using a 360 degree setup. As such, you’ll definitely want a third sensor to get the most out of the experience, but the game does support comfort turning, so it’s not essential.

Make Sure You’re Using A Stable Build Of SteamVR

Here’s the important bit. If you picked up Doom VFR to play on Rift back at the beginning of the month, there’s a good chance you installed the beta version of SteamVR to get it up and running. Somewhat ironically, though, the beta actually halts your progress in Fallout 4 VR, as it stops the Touch controllers communicating with the virtual keyboard, which you need early on in the game.

If you’re encountering this issue simply head to Steam, click on Library and go to Tools. Find SteamVR here, right click and go to Properties. Then find the betas tab and opt out. Steam will quickly roll back to the most recent stable build and you should find Touch now works with the virtual keyboard.

Keep A Gamepad Handy

This point isn’t as essential, but it’s a good bit of advice. While Fallout 4 VR can’t be played with a gamepad just yet, you can use one to navigate the game’s menus. Using Touch on the pause screen and character customization options doesn’t work very well, as it isn’t optimized, but the game seems to register gamepad input on menus pretty normally. Whenever you need to change options, for example, you’ll find it much less painful to quickly grab your gamepad and use that.

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  • Andrew in Florida

    When you say it’s easiest to “Navigate Game Menus” with a game pad, does that include Pipboy Menu’s too? If so, I’ll probably wait for some better Oculus Touch Controller support. Honestly, with all the work on the game rebuild — controller support would be the equivalent of a busy week for a good mod team. I guess I’ll wait. No hurry yet.

  • Courtney A Jeff

    Thanks for this review and information.Your site is such a big resource.Praise Jesus!

  • Maciej Nowy

    As a happy owner of both Vive and Rift I wonder on which should I play on…. Usually I prefer the Rift, but if thumbsticks on Touch causing any awkward controls anywhere else then in the menu I guess I will play on the Vive. I will have to wait 8h to check it out… have to go to work right now 🙁

  • PoTemos Comunismo

    Oculus is disgusting company, i cant understand why people buy this HMD… values and ethics shouldnt have a price.

    • laast

      Good hardware at low price, quality games, massive investments in VR, regular sales on their store,…Yeah really disgusting, shame on you Oculus.

      • PoTemos Comunismo

        I cant understand why can be good to invest in your platform (a closed enviroment) that block everyone else.

        LG, WMR or Pimax have more than 3000 compatible games thanks to Open VR.

        Without Open VR and the help of Oculus this HMD’s would have 0 compatible games.

        • Stranger On The Road

          1st off, OpenVR is not an open standard (despite its name) but a Valve controllered VR SDK. A standard API is still being worked on, and it is called OpenXR, besides, OR supports OpenVR using an adapter. 2nd, it isn’t a closed environment, it does allow external application if you enable them.

          And you contradict yourself, calling it a closed environment then saying that it has games because of OpenVR support…. and other games because it is supported by company that actually sold the HMD.

          • PoTemos Comunismo

            Oculus is the devil. You can twist the things all you want.

            Fact is that you can build now an HMD and have 3000 games running from day 1 thanks to Valve.

            In the other hand you got a monopolistic company selling that offers 0 games for external HMD’s. Sorry but i dont want another Apple closed enviroment in PC.

          • Jordan Dillon

            You’re commenting about walled gardens on an article about circumventing the Vive-only designed FO4. Every big player wants to have the “killer app,” get over it. You can easily play Oculus games on Vive and Vive games on Oculus, this level of exclusivity is tame and just for marketing.

          • Thoemse

            Not the same really. You can play with any SteamVr compatible headset. I will play FO4 on the Pimax 8K.
            Can I play any oculus game with my Vive? Not without a 3rd party hack.

            Considering that oculus stole intelectual property from Bethesda it is not very surprising that they “forgot” to optimise their game for oculus touch.

          • bobzdar

            Wrong, ReVive works for Oculus games and external headsets and Oculus has stated they will not block it. They also have stated they will allow external headsets that use the Oculus SDK, but so far no other headsets have made theirs work with it directly – there’s no need given ReVive is out there and works for other headsets.

          • PoTemos Comunismo

            Of couse, problem is of everyone else.

          • LilSmeet

            You’re honestly a fuckhead mate. You remind me of a blind apple/android fanboy that will hate the opposite competitor no matter what.

          • PoTemos Comunismo

            You are the dickhead… one company blocking everyone else (Oculus) and you are defending them.

          • Cody Kek Plumb

            They really arent blocking anyone though. If they wanted to, they could pretty easily kill revive with an update. But they havent.
            Oculus actually invests a lot into the development of its exclusives, so it makes a lot of sense that they would want to control the market for the games they invested in to be developed in the first place.

            Also, they didnt steal intellectual property. Out of all the charges against them the courts found that 1 man violated a non-disclosure agreement, which is extremely easy to do, even by accident. The ruling could be considered more of a loss for zenimax then a win, because it basically corroborates facebook’s claims, that zenimax was just looking for a quick payout. what they got was like 5% of the payout they were going after, which has been little more then a pebble in the road with facebooks bank.

          • Stranger On The Road

            I don’t know where you are getting the ‘3000’ number but it does not reflect how many VR titles there are. And for your information, Valve is yet to release a VR game themselves, they are selling others titles.

            Also, Vive is an HTC product not Valve’s, by that comparison, Oculus have contributed more to VR than HTC, yet you hate Oculus more than you do HTC. Valve have researched VR and licensed it, with Oculus taking some of the ideas from them. As it have been said, OR is basically the 1st licensed VR product from Valve’s research.

            Oculus have done a lot for VR, not just on the PC, but helped spread it on mobile using GearsVR. And they will be releasing a standalone mobile HMD next year at a low price to help spread VR even more. They have contributed and still contributing a lot for VR research and game development.

            And Oculus Rift does NOT have a closed environment as you wrongly claim that they do. Besides, the Oculus DK1 was in the hands of developers long before Valve revealed that they were working on their own VR technology. So in a way, the DK1 have contributed far more to VR than you presume.

            And final note, HTC is already trying to limit some games to their own store and their own HMD. Sorry mate, but you seem to not know much about the market, just hating Oculus and turning a blind eye to HTC.

          • Alexandra Whitehead

            I use oculus and love it, but just want to add, Valve actually has released their own free title called The Lab, its actually pretty good. I’m not sure of other titles, but their may be others as well.

          • Erica Dawn

            I have to ask. Would you by chance be using Windows right now? Wanna talk about monopolistic companies that refuse to play well with others…..

    • Drake Tempest

      Do you hold this vitriol toward Sony? They’re way worse than Oculus. People want to hate on things for the most ridiculous reasons. A company is actually trying to make a profit and survive!!! How Terrible!!

    • Ben

      Because some of us are poor and $150 is a prohibitively large gap. I would have purchased a Vive had they been smart enough to competitively price their equipment. Blame HTC and their unwillingness to properly push to take advantage of their market strengths.

    • Andrew McEvoy

      You sound quite strong in your opinion and Im sure you’ve got your reasons, fully entitled to ’em. Can’t say I hold many or any grudges on that level when I consider all the real shit going on in the world. Seems small potatoes for the energy expended to be honest.

    • CRASH_Override

      Company ethics aside, the Rift is cheaper and offers a better experience out of the box. Good store, great games, and much better controllers. I actually have a hard time understanding why someone would buy a Vive considering the higher price, worse controllers, and lack of in-house games.

      • Διονύσης Αθηνόδωρος Μπούρας

        You nailed it man…

      • LilSmeet

        Exactly. Spot on

  • Doctor Bambi

    So what happens if you tilt the analog stick without touching the captivate surface in the center, does it register anything?

    What about using OpenVR-Input Emulator to deactivate the capacitive surface on the analog stick altogether? Or remapping to the opposite controller’s thumb pad area?

    There has to be a better way than just keeping an xbox controller around, that’s impractical if you want to enjoy this game in full roomscale. :/

  • Jeremy Widerman

    This whole Bethesda not supporting Oculus is a major bummer. I must say it’s my own fault. It’s the first time I wish i would have gotten Vive. I dont like the idea of scrapping together builds to play on Oculus when it’s not officially supported and honestly I’m not paying $80 to roll the dice on what I’m sure will be a buggy experience.

    • Henree

      get vorpx and play on whatever u want.

      • Julian Paul

        VorpX is the biggest bag of shit ever conceived

  • Jim P

    So will I still get the graphic upgrade while I revert the steamVR beta?