Fantastic Contraption Grows To 100+ Levels, Adds New Gameplay Elements

by Ian Hamilton • February 13th, 2018

Nearly two years after its initial release for the HTC Vive, VR puzzler Fantastic Contraption is getting a major new update bringing on more levels and new gameplay elements.

The 2.0 update is available on Steam and Oculus, now with more than 100 levels including a few with “all-new gameplay mechanics” including “Cactuses (that destroy bits of your contraption on touch) and Balloons (that give your Contraption buoyancy to float over Cactuses, gaps, and other challenges).” You can also access these elements in the level editor, which should allow community members to use the elements to build new puzzles for some time to come.

The new update also includes performance improvements across the board, with Radial Games writing in a blog post “if you have a computer that is below min-spec on any platform, you should still be able to play without our physics engine grinding your CPU to dust.”

The update is also coming to the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store but is still going through quality control checks.

The game now carries a “permanent” price of around $20.

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