In Fantasy Smith, You Make The Weapons Other Adventurers Wield

by Jamie Feltham • April 23rd, 2019

Nothing’s quite as satisfying as swinging a sword in VR. But do you ever wonder where your mighty blade came from? What fires forged its sharp edges? In Fantasy Smith, you’ll find out.

Fantasy Smith has quite a novel idea for a VR game. Instead of heading off into dungeons to slay monsters, you make the weapons that other adventurers will use to do just that. It’s a cutesy little VR game developed by a group of Taiwanese students collectively named Gunben3. If the trailer below doesn’t melt your heart then we can’t help you.

This looks a little like Job Simulator with a fantasy twist. Customers enter your little workshop and ask you to make them different types of gear. You then use the tools at your disposal to craft them. That includes enchanting items with magic and, of course, hitting them with a big hammer. Once you’ve completed a day’s work you can go out and spend your hard-earned cash on new items.

Oh, did I mention the fact that the adventurers are incredibly cute animals? Like a fedora-sporting dog or an armored bear? I can’t take this much cuteness.

Environments look to be highly interactive. Customers react to different actions like ringing a bell in their ears or bopping them on the head with items, and enchanting items in certain ways gives them a life of their own.

Fantasy Smith is available now on SteamVR with official support for the HTC Vive. It usually costs $12.99 but you can pick it up for the slightly lower price of $11.69 until April 29.

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