Final Fantasy Creator Square Enix Launches Its First VR Manga On Rift

by Jamie Feltham • May 31st, 2018

Square Enix’s next VR experience isn’t what you’d expect, at least from a videogame company.

The publisher this week released a new app that explores the world of Japenese manga in VR. Named Tales of Wedding Rings VR, the app recreates an existing comic strip in VR, giving viewers the chance to step inside the medium for the first time with a mix of moving panels and fully 3D scenes that you can explore for yourself. It features full voice acting.

The story sees viewers follow Satou, a high school boy that joins his childhood friend, Hime, on an adventure into another world. In this new land, Hime becomes a princess that Satou marries, though in doing so learns he must marry four more princesses in order to defeat the Abyss King. Look, it’s manga, we didn’t write it, okay?

Tales of Wedding Rings VR is now available on the Oculus Rift via Home for $19.99 and supports the English language. A HTC Vive launch should be coming next month.

This is far from Square’s first experiment with VR. The company’s already published VR ports like Hitman Go and implemented optional features in games like Rise of the Tomb Raider. Last year it also released two original VR games in Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV and Million sen Arthur. We’re also hoping to see some new VR content from Square at E3 in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

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