Latest ‘Job Simulator’ Profession Revealed By Owlchemy Labs

by Joe Durbin • March 16th, 2016

Owlchemy Labs, the studio behind acclaimed VR experience Job Simulator, revealed the fourth occupation in the game: automotive mechanic.

The mechanic joins previously announced jobs including Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, and Convenience Store Clerk. The newest occupation “allows players to service vehicles in a way only robots from the future with poor research skills could dream up,” according to the company.

The world of Job Simulator is set in a future where humans have created robots so perfectly efficient that the concept of “work” has become one that is only experienced via simulations (hence the name, get it?). It puts you in the shoes of cooks, office drones, cashiers, and – now – mechanics.

As the trailer demonstrates, you won’t exactly be performing your duties in these jobs to the best of your ability. Completing tasks is only a small part of what makes Job Simulator a good time. Exploring the workspace, picking up and testing the effects of different objects, and generally making a mess of the place is much of the fun.

The video shows a player doing less to fix his client’s car and more to ransack his own garage, throw random switches, and steal the very glasses off a customer’s face. What makes Job Simulator so good though is that each and every one of those irrelevant actions feels pitch perfect in the virtual space of the game.

You wouldn’t expect re-enacting everyday professions to be a very fun experience, but that realism is exactly what makes Job Simulator so fun. The team at Owlchemy has labored hard and long to make even the most minute physical gestures, motions, and interactions feel as real in VR as they do in real life. The results in the first three simulated occupations are nothing short of a delight and this fourth one looks to be living up to those same high standards.

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