FireSprite Teasing Something ‘Persistence Related’ For Today

by Jamie Feltham • August 30th, 2018

We may all be lost in Firewall Zero Hour at the moment but we certainly shouldn’t forget about the other best VR game of the year so far, The Persistence. In fact, developer FireSprite is promising some news for its sci-fi horror today.

Yesterday, the studio took to Twitter to tease “something cool” to announce later today (August 30th) that’s “Persistence related…” complete with a Mr. Burns GIF.

Okay, let the speculation begin. The way we see it, there are three very real possibilities right now: DLC, ports and non-VR support. DLC could give us new areas and weapons to play within the procedurally-generated PSVR experience, for example, while we’d also welcome Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support. Another game that debuted on PSVR, Moss, only took a few months to transition from PC to console, so that’s certainly possible.

The last option could see Persistence coming to standard displays, which wouldn’t be very exciting for VR owners but if it helped Firesprite bring in more sales we’d be all for it. Either that, or we’re getting way to ahead of ourselves and its a line of Persistence Funkopop figures.

Please god don’t let it be that.

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