Firewall Zero Hour’s Fourth DLC Introduces Two New Contractors

by David Jagneaux • February 25th, 2019

Today the trailer dropped for First Contact Entertainment’s fourth DLC pack for its tactical squad-based first-person VR shooter, Firewall Zero Hour. In the DLC pack there are two brand new contractors, each bringing a new skill to the table, as well as a slew of weapons, trinkets, and camo skins for clothing and weapons. This new DLC pack releases on February 26th.

Firewall Zero Hour released late last year and we loved it in our review, stating: “If you don’t have a PSVR headset yet, then you should buy one for this game.”

In this DLC the two new contractors are Jag and Node. As a person with the last name Jagneaux I can honestly say that Jag is the coolest name for a video game character ever. Hands down. Her ability is “Ambush” which allows her to bring three mines instead of just two on missions, which is great as a defender. It can also be unlocked at level 31 or for 25,000 Crypto if you buy the DLC.

Node is also a defense-focused contractor with the Afterlife skill that lets you remotely detonate your C4 charges even after you’ve died. Since you can still monitor the cameras even in death to give your teammates intel, this could be a very useful skill. This skill can also be unlocked at level 43 or 35,000 Crypto if you buy the DLC.

This DLC pack also contains three new weapons:

  • The 9MM Stinger (SMG) (Unlocked at Level 24 / Crypto 24,000)
  • The JA-300 (AR) (Unlocked at Level 42 / Crypto 42,000)
  • The H5 Hornet (AR) (Unlocked at Level 50 / Crypto 42,000)

And finally you can grab the Lil’ Diaz trinket for free for all PS Plus subscribers (until March 14th) or a handful of brand new paid trinkets and camo skins. For more details you can read all of the details on the official blog post. Let us know what you think of the game and new DLC down in the comments below!

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