Obduction Dev Cyan Launches Kickstarter For Next VR Game, Firmament

by Jamie Feltham • March 26th, 2019

Cyan Worlds, the developer behind VR adventure game Obduction and, of course, Myst is back. But the developer’s new VR game, Firmament, needs your help to become a reality.

Today, Cyan launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its latest project. The studio is hoping to raise a hefty $1,285,000 over the course of the next month. At the time of writing the campaign has been live for a few hours and already raised close to $40,000. This isn’t a new move for Cyan; both Obduction and a 25th Anniversary Edition of Myst were both funded via Kickstarter.

Firmament very much follows in the footsteps of Myst and Obduction. It’s a visually-striking adventure in which you solve puzzles and learn about the mysteries of the world around you. We actually went hands-on with the game all the way back in April 2018. We fell in love with the highly-detailed world, which you’ll explore alongside an AI companion known as an adjunct.

Why Kickstarter?

“Though our goal of $1.3 million seems high, it is a relatively modest budget for the kind of experience that Cyan creates,” the developer writes of the decision to take the game to Kickstarter. “But Cyan has plenty of experience, and a small, but talented team. We’ve learned over the years that a smaller, experienced team, working closely together can be very efficient and satisfying.”

As with Obduction, Firmament’s VR support is optional. Crucially, though, Cyan is working on VR integration from the off this time. That means no retroactive additions like motion controllers, it’ll all work naturally from the start. Cyan itself says the game is specifically designed for VR.

Interested? Backers of the campaign will get exclusive access to downloadable content like unique skins for the adjunct and other skinned items. You can pledge $40 to get a copy of the game on PC with VR support. Supported headsets haven’t been announced yet, and neither has a possible PSVR port (Obduction did eventually reach PSVR). Cyan is estimating a July 2020 launch at this time.

Elsewhere, Cyan is also publishing another VR adventure named Zed. We’re expecting that one to launch pretty soon.

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