CES 2018: First HTC Vive Pro Images Revealed

by Jamie Feltham • January 8th, 2018

Looking for the first images of HTC’s new Vive Pro? We’ve got the first selection of pictures of the 3K headset below.

HTC announced the new Vive at its CES press conference today. It’s a redesigned piece of kit with a better screen, strap, integrated audio and dual microphone support. It also appears to be very blue. Nice!

Vive Pro is arriving as a singular headset this quarter for existing Vive owners that want to upgrade, and will ship with all the extras (controllers, base stations) later on in 2018.

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  • Ombra Alberto


  • Hone McBone

    “Vive Pro is arriving as a singular headset this quarter for existing Vive owners that want to upgrade”

    I wonder if that means they’ll be offering a discount to current owners for the upgrade.

    • Bundy

      Maybe. Personally I doubt it. But we all knew buying the first gen of these things that this was going to happen.

    • Kristopher Gates

      It depends on how you define discount.

      Will it be less than the full kit? Surely, it will be.

      Will it be affordable? We have to wait for the price announcement.

      I believe HTC charges out-of-warranty about $250 to replace the Vive for existing customers (for example, damaged HMDs). Even that isn’t a baseline, but at most a talking point.

    • David Eastwick

      reading the sentence i take it as you can buy the hmd by itself, no controller no light boxes etc.
      That would explain what they meant by “and will ship with all the extras (controllers, base stations) later on in 2018.”
      I am guessing that means we can use our existing light houses and controllers and thus upgrade cheaper. bet it will be a stupid price anyway though

    • drd7of14

      That’s what it sounds like…HTC is a company familiar with what the word “upgrade” means in the smartphone/tablet industry. I doubt they would have used the term upgrade. Otherwise, they could have just said the HMD was available for purchase standalone for users with the regular model, nixing the word “upgrade”.

      As for the standalone price and upgrade price…That’s the real question. Standalone HMD probs will be around $500-$600 I’d presume, so an upgrade of the HMD + $200-$300 sounds about right for pricing. This is all assuming that the Pro bundle would be around the $800 price point. I doubt they’d be stupid enough to set the MSRP at anything higher than that (even $800 is pushing it). That’s likely why their not releasing the bundle right away, to coop more return on the upgrade rate, build stock for refurbished units, and get an idea for VR enthusiast interest on upgrading.

    • John Cauthern

      I wouldn’t get excited. There is no way they are doing a trade-in upgrade. I’m sure it will be $400-$600 for just the headset, buy it if you want it situation. Which I would get it, but not without an increase in FOV. That’s my new requirement, 110 degree FOV doesn’t cut it.

      • Ted Joseph

        I agree! Increased FOV should be mandatory for the next generation VR…

  • Uephla mordecai

    I’m in LoVr! 💙

  • koenshaku

    Hmm.. I will wait on reviews first, I don’t think I am interested in going back to a wired experience after using Tpcast, especially when I already have a higher resolution WMR HMD. >_>

    • Daniel Kennard

      I’d be very interested in upgrading, but definitely not at the expense of losing Tpcast compatibility. I could never go back to a tethered solution.

  • gothicvillas

    That means people with anything below 1070 cam forget about this

  • Aggesan

    That thing looks like it was designed by a thirteen year old.

  • Thoemse

    This would be a must have upgrade if it weren’t for the Pimax 8k.