First Marvel VR Patch To Add Private Matches, Fix Captain America And More

by Jamie Feltham • August 8th, 2018

The first post-launch patch for Marvel: Powers United VR will bring a lot of changes to the star-spangled Avenger, Captain America, and add a much-requested feature.

Oculus this week revealed that Patch 1 will be going live within the next few weeks, bringing with it a whole host of changes. The complete changelog can be seen below but easily the biggest addition here is Private Matches. This means players will finally be able to find games with just their friends in them, rather than randomly searching and hoping they get grouped together. The wording to enter a single-player match is now clearer too.

In terms of character tweaks, it’s Cap that sees the most work. Specifically, his shield charging move will now be consistent the entire time you use it, without broken throws, and squeezing the trigger while it’s mid-flight will cause the charge to offset. There’s also going to be a fix for a bug that has Cap’s shield hovering in mid-air during the prologue.

Many of the other changes here are simple tweaks. We’re most happy with the ability to start moving at the start of a match and not have to wait for the Scientist Supreme to stop saying the same thing over and over.

We weren’t especially keen on Marvel: Powers United VR, and it doesn’t look like this patch will address our two biggest complaints about the game: repetitive missions and characters. Still, it’s definitely encouraging to see developer Sanzaru Games committed to improving the experience. The team will also be releasing free DLC for the game later down the line, though we don’t yet know what will be included in it.

Patch Notes:

  • Fix proper ramping of difficulty (X relays lost = game over).

  • Shield Generator health tuning for challenge.

  • Re-balance health and damage on heroes for challenge.

  • Fix map select visual pop.

  • Improve messaging for entering single player.

  • Improve messaging for muting players.

  • Improve messaging for inviting friends.

  • Improve messaging for minority auto ready. Add timer.

  • Support for private matches.

  • Cut map roulette selection duration in half.

  • Remove map select timer for single player.

  • Let players move from the start of match. No more standing stuck in place waiting for Scientist Supreme to talk.

  • Rocket soldiers should respond immediately & shoot. No more clumsy searching.

  • Remove all chatter & other unnecessary soldier anims. They should always be moving to position or shooting.

  • Remove all hero grenade timeouts.

  • Lineup ultimate decal messaging to fit hazard volume exactly. There’s a small gap.

  • Improve rocket soldier object vision/awareness. Many instances shooting objects in pathway of target (Asgard columns & Dark Dimension rock columns).

  • Thor & Doctor Strange capes on occasion still obscure player vision.

  • Fix Wolverine leap effects staying persistent in Alpha Flight Station from 3P.

  • Make charging Captain America’s shield consistent. It’s always broken for first throw.

  • Squeezing trigger on Captain America’s returning charged shield offsets the charge effect.

  • Rockets impacting targets from a distance don’t explode & hover in place. Quickly enter a relay area from a distance. Observe floating rockets around the relay.

  • Fix bug at the beginning of Prologue with Captain America’s shield hovering behind the player. Just suspended there in the air. Grabbing the shield removes the issue.

  • Fix bug with grabbing two throwables in Alpha Flight Station & colliding them together, momentarily suspending them.

  • Fix bug with the underside of Venom effects on catwalks & bridges. You can see his body pop in. Should behave like the Thanos hand effects.

  • Fix bug with the crate button callout. Doesn’t display correctly when feeding Lockjaw.

  • Fix bug with the end of match white results screen.

  • Fix bug between gameplay & results where there will often be a momentary flash w/ a black cube.

  • Fix bug upon returning to Alpha Flight Station as a team. Sometimes portraits won’t display on the team status UI.

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