OC4: First Oculus Go Games And Apps Confirmed

by Jamie Feltham • October 11th, 2017

Oculus Go is Oculus’ surprise new standalone VR headset, offering three degrees of freedom head-tracking and control and launching early next year for $199. But what VR worlds will you be able to visit with it?

As explained during the Oculus Connect keynote today, Go will be ‘binary compatible’ with Gear VR, Oculus and Samsung’s mobile VR headset. That means projects being developed for Gear now will be able to support Go too. But it doesn’t sound like the entire Gear library is coming to Go. Instead, Oculus said that “the best” of the platform would be coming to Go on launch day.

Now we know at least some of what “the best” includes.

The new website for Go includes a glimpse of a handful of apps and games that will be appearing on the platform. Big names like Netflix, Land’s End and Dragon Front are all there, though there are a few omissions like Augmented Empire and others. That doesn’t mean they’re not coming, though.

The full list of what we know so far is below.


– Land’s End
– Om Nom
– Bait!
– Dragon Front
– CloudLands VR Minigolf
– Dead & Buried
– Rush
– Sing Space
– Ocean Rift
– Anshar Wars 2
– Smash Hit
– VR Sports Challenge
– Ultrawings
– Rangi


– A Night’s Sky
– Rooms
– Star Chart
– Discovery VR
– Netflix
– Hulu
– Jurassic World: Apatosaurus
– Facebook 360

Update: This article originally said Pilot Wings was on the way to Oculus Go. We actually meant Ultrawings. Apologies for the confusion!

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  • Batapotamus


    • koenshaku

      You can expect cellphone like specs I would think.

      • care package

        it either will be or it won’t be like cell phone specs. I know that for sure………

        • koenshaku

          If all the gear VR titles will be backwards compatible at launch as they say. I think it will be unless they will be using cloud processing.

  • Lucidfeuer

    So given that I don’t trust HTC/Valve as a branding/design/implementation drive behind VR, there’s an unanimity in my agency that consumer/prosumer VR is dead for this cycle. It’s going to have some good years as an event or convention, branding and innovation tax washing micro-market.

    The 2010s were as fun as the 90s, and I can’t say whether in relativistic contextual terms it was that much better, but what a gleamy dream it was for this decade, I’m actually surprised Apple and Nintendo bet right for once. See you in 10-12 years for the real thing.

    • dk

      damn 10-12 years lol

      • Bundy

        I don’t plan to live that long!

    • Raphael

      Typical nonsense from you. Using only stock cliche drivel peddling doom and gloom for VR. Bleddy pish.

      • Lucidfeuer

        If by Octopus Rift you mean an add-on that adds mind-controlled Dr. Octopus-like arms to interface in VR, then I’ll try to get my hands on it anyway.

        • Raphael

          Yes, that is in fact what I meant. It’s the future and the future is now (next month). When you take into consideration the six bundled games the asking price of $2000 is good value.

  • Christopher Stockman

    Pilot Wings VR? I think you meant Ultrawings.