First PSVR Black Friday 2018 Deal Slashes $100 Off Big Bundles

by Jamie Feltham • November 2nd, 2018

Yes, Halloween is out of the way and now the real terror is almost upon us; it’s time to start talking about Black Friday deals.

Early as it may be, the first PSVR Black Friday deal has just been spotted. Target is set to slash $100 off of the price of the recently released Creed hardware bundle, taking it to $249.99. That’s a pretty significant saving; this bundle includes the headset, camera and two Move motion controllers before throwing in Survios’ excellent boxing game and one of the all-time great PSVR titles, Superhot VR, on top.

But the saving doesn’t stop there. Target is also taking $100 off of two other PSVR bundles with also feature big games. First, there’s a bundle featuring last year’s Doom VFR for $200 (which we weren’t super keen on), but easily the better of the two is the Astro Bot pack, which features last month’s critically acclaimed VR platformer and another one of the best VR games of the year, Moss. That pack is also $200, but none of these bundles include Move controllers as they can all be played with the DualShock 4 that comes with your PS4.

Black Friday takes place on November 23rd and you can be sure there’ll be a mountain of deals to announce in the weeks leading up to it. No doubt HTC and Oculus want in on the money, too.

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