Paulo’s Wing Is A VR Game Created Using Google’s Tilt Brush

by Joe Durbin • February 16th, 2017

Developed by Google, Tilt Brush lets you create art in an immersive three dimensional space using your own two hands. We’ve seen a lot of amazing things created in the software. We’ve even seen an entire short film created in the app. What we haven’t seen, however, is a game which uses Tilt Brush to create assets and animations. In a few days, that is going to change.


Paulo’s Wing is a VR game created by the New York studio Angry Array. “You play a cherub in the game and are tasked with defending heaven’s gate from waves of demons. You get to unlock special powers, such as lighting strikes or slow time to help you accomplish your goals,” according to the developer.

Angry Array is targeting a February 23 release date for Paulo’s Wing. According to the studio, all the art in the game was made using Tilt Brush.


This appears to be one the most comprehensive uses of Tilt Brush we have seen. Recently, Google updated its toolkit meant to empower creators to export and manipulate their works for these kinds of purposes.

Paulo’s Wing looks like it has a charming, drawn aesthetic that could stand out as one of the first examples of a new kind of game made in VR. Angry Array is targeting February 23  as a release date for Paulo’s Wing on the HTC Vive.

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