5 Rift And Vive Games That Need To Come To PlayStation VR

by Jamie Feltham • November 9th, 2016

For some developers, porting an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive game to PlayStation VR is easier said than done. For starters, the PlayStation 4 that powers PS VR doesn’t measure up to the high-powered PCs behind the other two. PS VR also doesn’t have roomscale tracking and struggles with occlusion, making it harder to port full 360 degree experiences to the headset.

But some developers have already defied that status quo. Sports Bar VR and Job Simulator both came from Vive to PS VR with a good degree of success, while games like The Brookhaven Experiment have only made small compromises to make it onto the platform. We honestly believe any studio could take a good shot at bringing their game to Sony’s headset regardless of features and, with an install base of over 40 million PS4s, it’s in their best interest to.

With that in mind, here are five Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games we’d love to see on PlayStation VR.

Fantastic Contraption, from Northway Games

Fantastic Contraption was one of the first games to be bundled with the HTC Vive, and it’s an awesome example of what can be done with roomscale tracking, but we don’t see any reason it couldn’t work with two Move controllers in your hands either.

Here you use position-tracked controls to construct vehicles that will transport objects into goal areas, crossing over gaps and tearing down obstacles if necessary. It’s building these machines and watching them run that’s really fun in VR, and we’d hope with a few tweaks it could make it to Sony’s headset.

DiRT Rally, from Codemasters

Codemaster’s popular racer hasn’t actually even made its way from Rift to Vive yet, but it would be great to see it on both platforms in the near future. This is one of our favorite VR racers, seeing as it was already a pretty excellent entry into the genre on standard displays.

Pair this with a racing wheel peripheral and then maybe the sting of the recent news that Gran Turismo Sport wouldn’t fully support PlayStation VR would start to subside just a little.

Tilt Brush, from Google

We’re not sure if Tilt Brush will ever come to Oculus Rift, what with Oculus championing its own Medium platform for the launch of Touch and it being bundled with Vives. There’s a complete lack of creativity apps on PS VR, though, save for some of the modes in Harmonix Music VR, and adding Google’s fantastic experience to its library would be a welcome addition.

Again, occulsion can be an issue with the Move controllers, but that could easily be bypassed with the addition of some simple teleportation and orientation mechanics.

Trials on Tatooine, from ILMxLAB

PS VR already has one short Star Wars experience on the way, so why can’t it have another? We already know that ILMxLAB has helped DICE bring the upcoming Battlefront VR demo to the platform, but we’d love to see the developer’s own piece, in which you’re cast as an apprentice of Luke Skywalker himself, launch on the device, perhaps with a teleportation mechanic.

This is the only official Star Wars VR piece to let you wield a lightsaber, and the PlayStation Move is the only motion controller that actually resembles a handle for the weapon. This is a no-brainer.

Minecraft, from Mojang

Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft and developer Mojang two years ago led to the somewhat strange situation in which Microsoft now publishes a game that runs on Sony’s console as well as the Xbox One and PC.

Somehow, we still doubt the company is willing to go the extra mile and add PS VR support for the hit game, but we can still dream. Minecraft is already an impressive demonstration of what’s possible on the Oculus Rift and Gear VR  and it could be the exact same for PlayStation VR.

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