Former RIGS Developers Join New VR Studio Virtual Arts

by Jamie Feltham • July 12th, 2017

The closure of RIGS: Mechanized Combat League developer Guerrilla Cambridge marked a sad start to the year for the VR industry. Fortunately, some of its developers are still working with the tech.

Former members of Guerrilla Cambridge have been hired by Virtual Arts, a new UK VR, AR and MR studio revealed today, reports. The company was founded in December 2016 by former ARM employees Nizar Romdan and Doug Day, who take on the roles of CEO and CTO respectively. The new firm is also based in Cambridge.

Virtual Arts isn’t fully revealing exactly what it’s working on just yet but it does note that it’s working on a “unique technology platform” that will “enable stunning content for entry-level devices”. To us, that sounds like a means to enhance content on affordable devices like Gear VR, though we’re yet to see this platform for ourselves.

It will sell and license the platform to other developers so that they can create content with it, but Virtual Arts will also build its own experiences with unique IP such as games and animations.

The company has already closed a seed round of funding for an undisclosed sum and is working on securing a Series A round of funding too.

Other members of Guerrilla Cambridge have also found their feet elsewhere. The team did a great job making one of VR’s first full online multiplayer games, but sadly some members think the game “never got a chance to grow“.

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