Four new titles announced for Sony’s Project Morpheus

by Upload • June 16th, 2015

Leading up to E3, Sony has leaked content to build anticipation for Project Morpheus, their highly awaited virtual reality HMD. They just announced 4 trailers that give a sneak peek into the awesome new titles we can expect to enjoy on the Project Morpheus when it is released in early 2016. We pulled together the trailers and some other information about the titles so you can stay in the know.

First we have RIGS, a multiplayer first-person shooter that feels like a mix between Halo and Mechwarrior 4. The game is developed by Guerilla Studios, based in the Netherlands, the creators of the Killzone series on PlayStation.

Next we have Headmaster, a VR game created by Frame Interactive. The point of the game is to “head” a soccer ball into the net, aiming for specific targets. They add fun effects to keep it interesting like making the soccer ball explode when it hits a pile of boxes, placing a wooden goalie in front of the net, and dropping a llama piñata in front of the goal. From what we’ve gathered, it looks like good practice for soccer players who are trying to improve their header skills.

The next project Morpheus virtual reality title to be debuted at E3 is called Wayward Sky. It is a platformer that takes place on a floating level full of pipes, puzzles, cranes, chicken and little security robots who waddle. This game has a striking resemblance to the title Ikarus on the GearVR.

Finally, we have Godling, a first-person VR adventure from Solfar. After watching that nice little mushroom patch go from being bright and lively to firey and hellish, we can assume that the title will take a darker turn. Not really sure what to expect from this one… hope to give you updates soon.

All in all it’s great to see that Sony is putting so much time and effort into developing high quality titles for their VR headset. It is also interesting that 75% of these games are in the first person perspective, something that has historically been quite hard to do while avoiding cyber-sickness. This must mean that the Project Morpheus is operating at a level of performance that supports this experience. Can’t wait to try these titles in full action and see what Sony gives us next.

Standby for updates from the E3 showfloor.

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