Free Raw Data Update Delivers New Multi-Level PvP Map

by David Jagneaux • December 19th, 2017

Raw Data is one of the year’s very best multiplayer VR games — that’s why we nominated it as such in our Best Of 2017 list. And even though it’s officially released now that hasn’t stopped the developers, Survios, from continuing to issue free updates.

Today, they’re announcing a brand new map for its Hostile Takeover Player-versus-Player game mode (PvP) called Intercept. According to an official statement from Survios, the map has a multi-level layout with interweaving walkways and multiple floors.

“At the center of Eden Tower are the Quantum OS Data Chambers,” reads the prepared statement. “Each Chamber stores and collates all of Eden’s vital data to ensure a better and safer future for humanity! Unless, of course, SyndiK8 has it’s way! Right now, terrorists are attempting to break into Reactor 4 of the Sector F Data Chambers and corrupt Eden’s mission!”

Raw Data’s new PvP map, Intercept, will be available to all owners of the game on Steam starting today at no cost. You can also get the game right now on Steam during its temporary 20% discount off of the standard $39.99 price.

Let us know what you think of the game and news down in the comments below!

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