Front Defense: Heroes Is A Multiplayer WWII VR Shooter From Vive Studios

by David Jagneaux • November 15th, 2017

When Front Defense released earlier this year it packed a lot of promise into a less-than-impressive package. The shooting and cover mechanics felt great, but it just needed a bit more time in the oven to really shine. Now just mere months after its release the developers at Fantahorn Studios and publishers at Vive Studios are back again with a follow-up titled Front Defense: Heroes. However, instead of being a stationary wave shooter like its predecessor, this is a fast-paced, online, 5v5, multiplayer shooter.

I’m not the only one that thinks that’s a pretty big shift, right?

The popularity of military shooters is no new thing, even for the young VR industry. Onward is one of the most popular VR games to date, with similar titles such as Pavlov springing up in its wake, and other entries such as Bravo Team due to release early next year. According to the official press release, Front Defense: Heroes will include not only deathmatch, but also capture the flag and defense-based game modes. The release also mentions a unique locomotion system called “V-Move” but there aren’t any details on what that means exactly.

“With Front Defense: Heroes we’ve built upon our experience with Front Defense to engage the community and offer new challenges with every match,” said River Ho, Front Defense producer in a prepared statement. “As a dynamic multiplayer shooter, Front Defense: Heroes lends itself perfectly to the competitive ethos of VR e-sports, an important feature as VR gaming matures.”

Vive Studios is also announcing a new game from developer 2 Bears Studio today (Arcade Saga) titled Super Puzzle Galaxy, which is a physics-based puzzle game. Both games are expected to be available in early December.

Perhaps most surprisingly of the news about Front Defense: Heroes is that during its launch window it will be available at a price point of only $4.99. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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