GDC 2017: LG Headset Prototype Will Be Shown At Valve Booth

by Ian Hamilton • February 27th, 2017

We just had a juicy bit of information dropped on us by Valve — LG is showing a headset prototype at the company’s booth.

Very little is known about the device right now, though Valve did confirm to UploadVR that this is a SteamVR tracking headset, making it the second such device to be revealed, two years after HTC first introduced its Vive headset and nearly a year after it was released.

According to a statement from Valve, the device will offer a “high fidelity, next generation VR experience.” Though not confirmed, we assume that makes it another PC-based device rather than another mobile-based headset, which LG has dabbled with in the past. The company intends to meet with developers during the event to showcase its prototype and collect feedback. Final pricing and launch dates are not being revealed at this time.

Don’t expect this to be the last SteamVR device; last week Valve dropped requirements to attend a $3,000 class for its platform and 500 companies having signed up to work with its Lighthouse tracking technology, be they new headsets, controllers or otherwise.

SteamVR isn’t alone in licensing VR technology, however. Microsoft is also working with companies like Dell and Asus to produce its own VR headsets using inside-out tracking and running on its Windows Holographic OS.

There are still a lot of questions about this headset to be answered, then, and we’ll be sure to hunt answers down during GDC week.

Here’s the statement from Valve:

LG Electronics will unveil its first VR HMD prototype at this year’s GDC in San Francisco, CA. Being shown in Valve’s GDC booth, the LG HMD prototype is designed to deliver a high fidelity, next generation VR experience.

During the show, LG will be meeting with developers to collect feedback and impressions as part of its effort to define the first commercial units. Pricing, launch dates, and territories will be announced at a later date.


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  • VR Geek

    Happy to read this as I have been very unimpressed with HTC and their customer support. Love to jump off their platform and onto another Lighthouse system.

    • Kacey Sherrard

      ive seen you say this on other articles, what in the world did HTC do to you lol? ive not had problems and so do most other people, but they must have really ticked you off to be posting it multiple times. 😛

      • VR Geek

        One of my Wands had a problem and Wow worst customer service ever. Not just me either as there are plenty of others who had issues with them if you search on Reddit. They do not stand behind their product.

  • Leonardo Phillips

    My bet: it will use the lighthouse tracking system 😉

    • Denis Koroskin

      My bet: it will be a VR device.

      Did you even read the article?

  • Justos

    now this is interesting! I’ve always liked LG products

  • 1droidfan

    Id like to see what they come up with but I am not holding out hope for something better than Vive or Oculus.

    • polysix

      don’t be daft, it’s 2017 of course it will be better than ‘gen 1’ or nobody will buy it.

      • NooYawker

        Not always better, lot’s of companies just want to make things cheaper to reach larger audience.

        • Jim Cherry

          Most consumer tech companies use v3 to really turn up the heat. And as far as LG is concerned this could be considered V1

        • 1droidfan

          Agreed, if its 90% as good but sells for $350-400 it could make money. I just dont see LG being at the forefront of VR, sorry, its not really their MO as a company. If you look at how they do TVs and phones, heck even appliances, they usually aim for just below the high mark set by other companies.

          • NooYawker

            Yep, LG will be a quality alternative, which is fine. Not everyone wants or can afford to buy bleeding edge tech.

    • Full Name

      My guess is it will be incrementally better at least. Probably comes with integrated headphones, thinner cable, and perhaps higher resolution screens.

    • Mourz

      If it is true gen 2 then this will actually be light years better than vive or rift. Valve has already said gen 2 that they are working on with partners will surpass frame rate and resolutions on monitors, tvs, and cell phones because the tech is easier to do in a HMD. Current headsets are using tech that was not meant for a HMD.

      And Valve specifically says this is next gen, read their quote above. HTC might not be far behind with their gen 2, but looks like LG will be first gen 2.

      • Mo Last

        when did valve say that??? can you link me an article or something?

  • polysix

    Great news. This could be the one I’m holding out for after selling my Vive and DK2. Wireless, 4k, foveated… with the stunning valve tracking. make it so LG!

    • NooYawker

      That’s a lot to ask for in 2017! Maybe couple more years to get all that in one package.

      • polysix

        Nope. Valve already dropped major hints that all that will be in Gen 2 by 2018. I never said 2017. This is a prototype announcement not a product release! Give it six months to a year before ready and none of the above is wishful thinking but real..available… Tech (by then cheaper and slicker)

    • Buddydudeguy

      lol get real. Mobile VR is no where near a PC HMD. I don’t care if it’s the newest and shiniest thing on the market, it’s not even close.

      • Mourz

        Lol you get real. This isnt mobile duhhh.

        • Buddydudeguy

          Totally misinterpreted and skim read haha. Too much mobile crap these days.

      • David Herrington

        He didn’t say Mobile VR, he said wireless. As in a wireless HMD connected to the PC using similar tech to the TPCast wireless transmitter for the Vive.

      • polysix

        Never once mentioned nor implied mobile vr. I think mobile VR is shit.

        Get with the times. We already have wireless PC VR on the way and valve hinted at major spec improvements in 2018 for gen 2. I can’t see lg bothering with vive 1 spec hmds if they want to make an impact. And just cos announced now doesn’t mean its not gen 2 late 2017 early 2018 (for those saying I’m dreaming)

        • Mo Last

          when did they “hinted at major spec improvements in 2018 for gen 2” ?

        • Buddydudeguy

          lol “get with the times” What? haha Why are you even still replying to me.

    • user

      Valve is adding SMI eye-tracking tech to OpenVR platform

  • CaptainAwesomer

    Exciting news! I was planning to get a HTC Vive, But after the converting from USD to CDN it was $1053, then just for the hell of it HTC added an extra $100 making it $1149.