GDC 2017: Here’s Every New Game Oculus Announced Today

by Jamie Feltham • February 28th, 2017

Oculus has said before that 2017 is all about content for its VR headsets, and it sure proved it today. As part of its showcase for this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), the company revealed a slate of new titles heading to both the Oculus Rift and Gear VR in the coming year. There’s a lot of them to get through, so we thought we’d list them below.

We’ve got impressions of each of these games live now, so make sure to follow through for more information and deeper thoughts on each. One thing’s for sure: Rift and Gear owners have a lot of goodness heading their way. Let’s take a look at some new Oculus games.

Augmented Empire, from Coatsink
Gear VR

Augmented Empire 2

Esper developer Coatsink is back with this brand new strategy RPG for the Gear VR, channeling classic games like XCOM and Mass Effect 2 for what it says will be a much deeper experience than anything it’s made before. Expect this to be a truly hardcore offering for the mobile VR audience, which isn’t something we often seen.

Blade & Soul: Table Arena, from NCSoft
Oculus Rift + Touch

The collectible card game genre mixes with real-time strategy in this Touch-enabled game where you’ll summon units with your hands. This is NCFSoft’s VR debut, bringing an art style and fanbase we haven’t really seen in VR yet to Oculus. Plus it might have the craziest trailer of today’s lot. Look for our preview soon.

Brass Tactics, from Hidden Path Entertainment
Oculus Rift + Touch

Trust the makers of Defense Grid 2 to craft a compelling strategy game for VR. Unlike the studio’s last VR game, though, Brass Tactics is designed for use with Oculus Touch. It’s a multiplayer game that focuses on tactics, getting players to utilize huge armies to wipe out their opponents. It looks like a colorful take on the gengre, and heaps of fun.

From Other Suns, from Gunfire Games
Oculus Rift + Touch

The developer’s of Chronos return with a much more ambitious game. This is a procedurally-generated space adventure that has all the elements you need to make your sci-fi dreams come true. Team up with friends to maintain your ship and visit other worlds, battling dangerous enemies on the way.

Mage’s Tale, from inXile Entertainment
Oculus Rift + Touch


This was technically announced last week but we got a much clearer picture of it at GDC. inXile Entertainment is known for RPGs like the Wasteland series, but it’s turning to another classic genre, the dungeon crawler, for its VR debut. Mage’s Tale will be a lengthy action game that fully utilizes Touch to put you right in the loot raiding action.

Term1nal, from Force Field
Gear VR

The developers of Landfall only just released their debut VR game, but they’re already onto the next. Term1nal is an intriguing entry into the stealth genre for Gear VR, casting you as a hacker that must infiltrate the facility of a massive corporation using robots.

We also got updated hands-on with some games already announced for both platforms, including Singspace and Dragon Front, which is getting Oculus Touch support. Check out our updated previews below:

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What's your reaction?
  • ok seriously, why has Volition Inc not started work on Freespace 3 yet? VR is perfect for those types of games…

    • Bit Planet Games

      Because Volition nor do their parent company (Koch Media) own the Freespace IP. The last I heard Interplay (remember them?) were trying to sell it along with a whole host of their IP for insane amounts of money in a package deal. I don’t think they had any buyers though.

      • damn, that’s a shame. Where does that leave the ownership of the game, is it still with Interplay?

        • Bit Planet Games

          Yea, I believe so. I desperately want a story-driven, cockpit-space game for the Rift. Also, I want Touch controls similar to what we did in Ultrawings. Hmmmmmmmmm. 🙂

          • Levia

            i believe its time for cheapspace VR 😉

          • Alexander Mejia

            Hi, Ex-volitionite here. While I cannot speak for Volition, Bit Planet Games is correct about the IP being owned by Interplay, and the sale is still pending.

            That aside I started a new company Called Human Interact and we are working on a story-driven sci-fi adventure that may be up your alley called STARSHIP COMMANDER.

          • Bundy

            I’m gonna look into this. Thanks! Starcitizen is taking a hundred years and Elite isn’t story driven. I need my fix!

          • Scott C

            Speaking of Ultrawings, Bit Planet Games, I downloaded it the other day and got a chance to try it out last night. It’s pretty sweet!

            I’m a little put off by how touchy it can be to maintain level flight without the tactile response of normal joystick tension — it makes it hard to find the center point. Is there any chance that basic support for standard joysticks can be added in a future update? I’d love to use, for instance, my left Touch for cockpit manipulation and the throttle, and my right hand on my physical stick.

  • Scott C

    And this is why I don’t regret waiting 8 months for a Touch. It’s great to see Oculus’ commitment to getting quality VR content to its customers paying off!

  • koenshaku

    Good to see some games that aren’t indie games that look like someone made in their basement. Bad to see they’re oculus exclusives. I am still resisting the urge to install revive I don’t care for facebook apps on my PC. ^^;

  • Ipssan

    Looking forward to an atmospheric dungeon crawler… hopefully Mage’s Tale will deliver. The 1st person view in Mythos of the World Axis is amazing; wish they would follow up with an actual title.

  • Binglong Deng

    Are there any mobile games exhibited worth noticing? Seems like GDC 2017 is filled with VR and something.