GDC 2018: Bait! Under The Surface Is An AR Sequel To A VR Hit

by Jamie Feltham • March 20th, 2018

Resolution Games’ quirky VR fishing game, Bait!, was a big hit for mobile VR headsets, and now the series wants to do the same for AR.

Announced today, Bait! Under The Surface is a sequel that switches the series to AR, taking the fishing fun into the real world. In the game, you’ll use your smartphone to create fishing spots anywhere you see fit, catching a wide range of aquatic life and building up a collection of creatures as you develop your character.

The first trailer for the game is below. On top of virtual fishing ponds you’ll be able to visit a store environment that will see your phone step into a virtual building. You’ll also probably get a few members of the public looking at you, like one lady does in this trailer.

The game is set to launch later this year on both iOS and Android with ARKit and ARCore respectively. Resolution Games is at GDC this week showing off an early demo of the game at Google’s booth.

Elsewhere, Resolution Games hasn’t abandoned VR. The developer recently released its latest game, Narrows, on Google Daydream.

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