GDC 2018: Catan VR, Anshar Online And They Suspect Nothing Revealed For Go, Rift And Gear

by Jamie Feltham • March 21st, 2018

Oculus Go was a big focus of the company’s 2018 Game Developers Conference session today, so it’s only natural that we saw some new games announced for the standalone platform alongside other Oculus hardware.

First up is a game you knew about: Catan VR. The virtual version of this classic boardgame is actually launching on the Oculus Rift and Gear VR today with cross-play and will also support cross-play when it launches on Go in the coming months. We went hands-on with the VR build yesterday and found it to be just as fun as playing in real life.

Next up is a surprise sequel to a hit Gear VR series. OZWE Games is working on Anshar Online, again coming to all three platforms with cross-play support in the near future. Those familiar with Anshar will know it for its exciting space combat, and this iteration will feature co-op play and PVP across 50 different missions.

Finally we have They Suspect Nothing, which we don’t know a whole lot about yet other than that it too is cross-play across all three Oculus headsets. Look for more details on that one after we’ve gone hands-on at the Oculus Booth today.

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  • Filmgeek47

    Where’s the roadmap for existing rift customers? These games are all obviously limited by the need to make them cross-platform with mobile. Oculus needs to do more than spout a couple of lines about caring about the PC. Where are the games?

    • daveinpublic

      Oculus Rift should have more great games than any VR platform out there.

      • koenshaku

        Yeah I bet you can’t wait for Farmville VR…

        • KUKWES

          oh sick burn bro

    • Shawn MacDonell

      They’ll be revealed over the coming months and likely at E3. Stop being impatient, Oculus is still dedicated to PC VR but their focus at GDC was to showcase Oculus Go and Santa Cruz.

      E3 makes more sense for Oculus to announce their in-development big budget titles that Rubin has stated are currently in-development for Rift. GDC is generally not the place to make major game announcements.