GDC 2018: Oculus Home Is Getting Multiplayer, User-Generated Content

by Jamie Feltham • March 21st, 2018

You’ll soon be able to share your personal Oculus Home designs with other Rift users and even bring your own content into your space.

At its ‘Inside Oculus 2018′ session at GDC today Oculus confirmed that the new version of Home, which launched in beta late last year, is getting social VR support as well as user-generated content.

Social support should arrive on the platform this summer. It will allow users to form parties and even launch into apps together, providing developers enable support for this within their own apps. As you’d expect, friends appear as their personalized Oculus avatars. We don’t know what new features multiplayer will support at this point in time, though.

What this means for the long-awaited Rift version of Oculus’ Rooms software is also unclear at this point, though we’ll try to find an answer on the show floor.

As for user-generated content, Oculus explained that Rift owners will be able to upload objects in the GLB file format. There will be an in-VR tool for importing your content, too, which will hopefully make this a smooth process and allow you to make Home truly your own.

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  • SomeGuyorAnother

    Before Core 2.0 announcement, when asked about Oculus Rooms it was said that they were going a different direction with it, which given the following announcement of Oculus Homes led me to believe that Home came from the need for something more feature heavy than Rooms. Wish I could find the reference, though (want to say it was a twitter comment).

  • impurekind

    I kinda hate the new Oculus Home and Dashboard stuff. I’m back to using the older and much simpler Home and I prefer it in almost every single way. The new one has lots of stuff, but having lots of stuff does in no way equal better imo, not in this case.

    • Strange, I find that the new Oculus Home and Dashboard stuff are better in every regard…what exactly is it that you don’t like?

      To me the Dashboard stuff is a must have – the fact that I can be in an application like Quill or Medium and stream music directly from Spotify like it was a built in app, or quickly hop to my desktop to pull up an image, is absolutely amazing. I also love being able to customize my Home environment; I hated having the same static home as everyone else!

      • impurekind

        Being able to open it immediately anywhere is a nice convenience, but I’d rather have that option with the original and much simpler and more intuitive Home design than the new and for more clunky and convoluted Home design. Same goes for being able to open the desktop, which could just be an option in the original Home design too if they really wanted. The new design just adds so much stuff that makes it a clumsy and clunky chore to use and do basic stuff as far as I’m concerned, and it all feels far less intuitive, less polished and less refined as a user-interface experience imo. For me, more does not equal better in this case.

    • MeowMito

      I love the new Home, finally a space I can customize and relax. I live in a shitty apartment, so this is nice and better than my apartment. Sadly.

      • impurekind

        Surely both the original Home environments were far nicer than your apartment too, and they were both very relaxing also, so that aspect was already covered.

  • Finally…