GDC 2018: Rubin: ‘Oculus Is Winning In Every Hardware Category It Has Entered’

by Jamie Feltham • March 21st, 2018

Oculus’ VP of Content Jason Rubin has come out swinging at the company’s GDC talk today.

Opening up the session, titled ‘Inside Oculus 2018’, Rubin stated that “Oculus is winning in every hardware category it has entered, on PC and mobile,” later adding that “it’s a pretty inarguable statement that Oculus builds the best hardware.”

By ‘winning’, we assume Rubin is referring to sales of the company’s VR headsets, the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Oculus has never revealed official sales figures for the Rift, which is mainly rivaled by HTC’s Vive headset, so we can’t comment as to if Rubin’s claim is true or not. That said, earlier this month we reported that the Rift had narrowly overtaken the Vive as the most-used VR headset on Steam on the platform’s latest hardware report.

It’s also important to note that Rubin specifically labeled PC as a category. That alienates Sony’s console-based headset, PlayStation VR (PSVR), which we know to have sold over two million units thus far.

When it comes to Gear VR, Oculus last year noted the headset had sold over five million units. Again, we don’t know what competitors like Google’s Daydream View have sold, so we can’t verify Rubin’s claims.

Either way, these are bold claims for Oculus to be making. Looking ahead for the year, Rift will face renewed rivalry with Vive as the enhanced Vive Pro goes on sale for $799, while Oculus will also look to lead the pack in the emerging standalone sector of headsets with its soon-to-release Go headset.

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  • daveinpublic

    Did they say anything about when Go will be available? I’m guess the May 1st thing is right?

  • Winning. Just… Winning. That is all.

  • Hone McBone

    Well that’s refreshing. Everyone else seems to be trying to innovate & improve the market, but Oculus with years of paid exclusives, trying to block out market of anything but their SDK & undercutting the competition price wise is the best selling VR headset (not counting Sony).


      “Everyone else seems to be trying to innovate & improve the market” Who is this everyone you are referring to? Surely you don’t mean HTC with their new $800 HMD, right? And if by “undercutting the competition price wise” you mean making VR more affordable, yeah…I guess Oculus is guilty of that.

      • koenshaku

        I think he means things like vive trackers and accessories, 1st wireless VR, lighthouse 2.0 that can cover an entire warehouse, higher resolution HMDs and inside out tracking HMDs etc..

      • Hone McBone

        If HTC started off a GDC speech with why they’re the best I’d be about as impressed as I am with the Oculus introduction. I’d rather know what they’re bringing to the VR space than some self congratulatory talk that seems aimed at their shareholders.

        • CURTROCK

          Fair enough. You didn’t like the tone. Point taken. I would point out that when Rubin started @ Oculus, a fairly large & vocal part of the VR community/industry had all but declared Oculus & Rift dead, and were quite jovial about it. So, if there was a bit of bravado in his opening statement, I can see where it might stem from. Thankfully, the days of rampant “Fanboy-ism” seem to be fading away.

          • Hone McBone

            With the launch of the Mixed Reality headsets (& the success of PSVR) at least it’s not one group against the other now & we’re less likely to see the market cornered by one company. I’m not about to buy a Rift partially because of what I see as questionable decisions from the company, but I’m also not about to buy a Vive Pro for $800.

        • Veron

          Those ‘paid exclusives’ you condemn…funding from Oculus is pretty much why those games could even exist.
          Not sure what planet you live on, but most VR games aren’t making money hand-over-fist.

          There are also far more Steam-only VR games and experiences than the handful of Oculus paid exclusives…but the reason why many whine about the oculus games is because of the higher quality, which in itself is a function of funding.

  • impurekind

    And I believe him based on my own experience and most of the information I have seen.