GDC 2018: Unity Adds Oculus Go, Mirage Solo Support

by Jamie Feltham • March 21st, 2018

Magic Leap One isn’t the only new device Unity is adding support for at GDC this week.

During the company’s GDC Keynote last night, the company confirmed that it was adding support for two upcoming standalone VR headsets: Oculus Go and the Lenovo Mirage Solo. Brett Bibby, VP of Engineering, confirmed that Unity developers can build Go apps using the exact same workflow that they did for Gear VR, which is something Oculus promised all the way back at its Connect 2018 developer conference. In fact, existing Unity apps on Gear should be able to port to Go with little problem.

The Mirage Solo, meanwhile, allows Daydream developers to add six degrees of freedom (6DOF) movement to their apps. Other than that new feature, workflow again should be comparable to creating apps for the Daydream View.

It’s looking like the Mirage Solo will arrive in May in the US, while we’re still waiting on a release date for Oculus Go (though reports suggest the company will launch the device at Facebook’s F8 conference in May). Both of these standalone devices represent a more accessible way to get into VR, so expect them to be popular platforms for developers to bring their content to in the next few months.

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