Gear VR Strategy Game ‘Tactera’ To Launch Massive Update On August 3

by Joe Durbin • August 1st, 2016

Tactera is a tabletop-style strategy game for the Samsung Gear VR. Gameplay involves deploying a myriad of tanks, planes, artillery,  and other troops to take over control points on the battlefield. Tactera offers a variety of game modes, including campaign and online competitive, and it offers some truly impressive usages of stereoscopic 3D gameplay.

At UploadVR we gave Tactera a 7/10 — which makes it a “good” game. We cited its somewhat shallow strategic gameplay and weak sound design as reasons why it did not achieve a higher score. However, today the game’s designer E. McNeill is announcing that a new update is coming to Tactera on August 3 that is aiming to strengthen some of those very weaknesses.

According to an email sent on behalf of McNeill, the August 3 update will be “adding more depth and difficultly” to the game through the addition of “hard” and “expert” modes. These modes will be unlocked by progressing through and winning the game’s campaign mode.

There will also be “newly enhanced AI” for each of these new difficulty levels to keep the game competitive and challenging “for all skill levels, even the most advanced players.”

The update is also bringing changes to Tactera’s online multiplayer by “allowing players to engage in a battle with the AI while waiting for a match.”

In terms of the previously noted lackluster sound effects, the update will be bringing “new sound effects and visuals to make the game feel more responsive and to provide more real-time feedback.”

By increasing the difficulty of the AI, including more complicated game modes, and updating the game’s sound effects, Tactera is making major strides towards becoming a more fully realized product. We will be reviewing the game-post update to see if the improvements warrant any change in  score.

Tactera is currently available on the Oculus store for $9.99. Following the update’s release the game will be discounted 10 percent.

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