GeoCV Raises $1.8 Million For 3D Capture Tech

by Charles Singletary • April 12th, 2017

As some creators race toward recreating our world in virtual form, engineers are churning away at the best technology to streamline such a feat. 3D capture tools allow users to scan an area and turn it into a virtual space for exploring, editing, and more. GeoCV, the brainchild of 3D computer vision experts, is a technology that harnesses the accessibility and power of our smartphones to curb the cost of 3D capture. Some scanners cost thousands of dollars, but a $500 or so device can be put to work to scan and share. With such value on the table, GeoCV has raised $1.8 million seed funding from Runa Capital, Emery Capital, and others.

Though in closed beta currently, GeoCV is engaged with their primary market of real estate and offers what is pitched as “disruptive pricing” — packages for marketing a property starting around $150.

“Our goal is to become the world’s No. 1 solutions provider for 3D capturing,” says GeoCV co-founder and CEO Anton Yakubenko. “User-generated content creation tools are the longer-term future when everyone has a 3D camera in their pocket and can easily view in AR and VR.”

Beyond real estate, Yakubenko expects industries such as construction, interior design, insurance and property management to embrace the service that GeoCV offers.

Dmitry Galperin, a representative for Runa Capital who participated in this funding round, notes that the VR industry faces a “lack of realistic content.” Of course, different capture methods can make for artifacts in the finished 3D model that distract from the overall look of a space. We look forward to seeing the quality of GeoCV’s captures as the company progresses.

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