Get A Sneak Peak Of Puppy Bowl XII In VR

by Julianna Crisalli • January 14th, 2016

One area that VR has a chance to shine is in sports entertainment.

Cameras positioned just right to put the viewer right in the action so they feel every tackle and experience the emotion behind every point scored. Well sports fans, get ready for some exciting news. Panoramic video of Puppy Bowl XII is now available in VR!

“Last year’s Puppy Bowl XI was hugely successful, garnering over 10 million viewers,” an Animal Planet spokesperson told UploadVR in an email. “We have an extremely passionate and engaged fan base, and we hope they take the time to check out the adorable pups in VR!”

Animal Planet and its parent company Discovery are using Littlstar technology to bring 360-degree video from the Puppy Bowl into VR.

If you just can’t wait (like me) to be surrounded by this athletic cuteness during the big game on Feb. 7, the VR experiences are available now via the Littlstar app, at, on the Discovery VR Android and iOS apps and Animal Planet’s YouTube page. Puppy Bowl in VR can be viewed on any headset using the Littlstar app or website.

There are four short Puppy Bowl experiences available in VR, which highlight behind-the-scenes playtime and the filming process. In an effort to stop spoilers, none of the videos show footage of the big game.

The Puppy Bowl, which features 84 rescued dogs from across the country, plays out on a pup-sized football field. The rules for this game are much more relaxed than the human version and mostly involves running, nibbles, tons of water breaks and the occasional glimpse of a player taking a nap.

Nearly 50 experiences have been released for the Discovery VR app since its launch in August. An Animal Planet spokesperson said hours of footage have already been filmed for experiences coming soon:

There’s a lot of diversity in what we are and will continue to publish – from scenic vistas to thrilling sports, and we’re excited to share more of these experiences with our fans.

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