Ghostbusters World Turns Your Smartphone Into An AR Proton Pack

by Jamie Feltham • February 27th, 2018

Of all the franchises out there set to ape the Pokemon Go formula in the coming years, Ghostbusters seems to be one of the best-fitting. Good news for all you wannabe Venkmans out there, then.

Ghostbusters World is a new smartphone AR game heading your way in 2018. We have very little to go on right now other than the trailer below, which sees phones alert players to an impending ghost hunt before they answer the call and suit up. The trailer’s description promises a ‘state-of-the-art’ AR game with ‘skill-based gameplay’ that has players battling ‘hundreds’ of ghosts that have appeared in the franchise over the years.

It’s pretty easy to envision this being something special, though. Imagine stepping out into the real world in search of ghost-capturing adventures, meeting up with friends to form your own Ghostbuster squad and then using your smartphone just like you would a Proton Pack.

Look for Ghostbusters World to launch later this year. Could this be a contender to Niantic’s upcoming Harry Potter AR game?

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