Give Your Cat a Custom Nose, Tail, or Butt in Cat Sorter VR

by Ryan Winterhalter • August 11th, 2017

We hope you like cats, puns, and butts, because Cat Sorter VR is full of all three. Launching on Steam for the HTC Vive on August 29th, the game seems to be a cat quality assurance simulator. The game’s trailer depicts a queue of felines with mixed-up body parts waiting for their turn under the ‘cat scanner.’ As the scanner’s operator, the player swaps out various body parts to help the feline meet some minimum standard before being sent out into the world. Hopeless cats get binned while ‘purrfect’ cats are sent further on into the bowels of the factory.

$9.99 at launch and $12.99 after that, Cat Sorter VR sports a beefy GPU requirement, asking for a card equivalent to or better than NVIDIA’s GTX 980ti.

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