Google is building a game engine for VR

by Will Mason • May 28th, 2015

Google has posted a whole bunch of new job listings for things related to virtual reality. Among them are hints that Google will be creating a 3D VR camera, “from scratch” and it appears – a game engine.

According to one job listing for a “Software Engineer, Game Engine” the company is looking for someone who can “Develop tools and common technologies to enable VR application development.” See below for the full description:

Google’s software engineers develop the next-generation technologies that change how millions of users connect, explore, and interact with information and one another. Our ambitions reach far beyond just Search. Our products need to handle information at the scale of the web. We’re looking for ideas from every area of computer science, including information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, and user interface design; the list goes on and is growing every day. As a software engineer, you work on a small team and can switch teams and projects as our fast-paced business grows and evolves. We need our engineers to be versatile and passionate to tackle new problems as we continue to push technology forward.


  • Develop tools and common technologies to enable VR application development.
  • Work cross-functionally with other teams to enable code reuse and high code quality.
  • Communicate with Developer Relations and enable Open Source releases of our components.

Continuing to peruse the job listings related to VR another listing for a computer graphics engineer asks for someone to “develop core high-performance graphics code and common technologies that enable VR application development.” All in all these listings seem to suggest that Google is taking a big step towards VR content creation tools.

Content creation tools for VR are going to be incredibly important. One of the greatest things about virtual reality is the ability to create. It enables you to express your imagination in ways never before possible – problem is, right now it’s not exactly easy. Companies like Epic and Unity have already developed tools – but it appears that Google wants to create something more unified in a mission to help explode the content creation sphere.

Theres a chance we will hear more about this as the conference continues. Be sure to check back on this live, updating post for more details. 

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