Google is working on spacial audio solutions for VR

by Will Mason • May 28th, 2015

At Google’s job listing board has been extremely busy today. Having already uncovered a possible game engine as well as a 3D VR camera it seems that Google is also looking to develop spacial audio solutions for VR.

A job listing for “Software Engineer, Virtual Reality Media” calls for someone to “lead spatialized audio system development for VR.” The listing also mentions they want someone who will “lead and inform coordinated media efforts across the VR platform,” suggesting this is part of a larger effort.

Spacial audio is incredibly important to the level of immersiveness in a virtual reality experience. Companies like Dysonics and Visisonics – who have already been integrated into Oculus’ audio SDK. Having a company like Google get involved to specifically push this piece forward is huge and will hopefully reap big benefits.

I’m sure we will be hearing more soon.



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