Google Ventures will be making “many bets” on VR startups this year. Interview with General Partner Joe Kraus.

by Nick Ochoa • February 6th, 2015

Joe Kraus is a Google Ventures Partner solely focused on VR investments right now. In this podcast we flashback to CES2015 where he shared some very exciting insights about Google Ventures’ position in the space, stating that they will be making “many bets” into VR startups this year ranging from seed to series A.

 His favorite subcategories of VR for investment? Capture, Social, Gaming and Content. But this is just the beginning, folks. 2015 is the year for VR and the launch of the Rothenberg Ventures River Accelerator + a major venture firm like Google Ventures confirming “many bets” to be made + a recent a16z “16 Things” with VR top of the list only helps confirm this.

Take a listen to Joe Kraus in the Podcast below and if you have a few more minutes, see Joe speak on the panel at the UPLOAD Kickoff event in January. 

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