Gorn Update Adds A Death Pit And Improved Campaign

by Jamie Feltham • February 15th, 2019

Looking for more ways to kill people in Gorn? Really? The other 100 ways aren’t enough? Well, then you should give the new Death Pit a spin.

This new level is the highlight of this week’s Gorn update. In this more morbid arena, you can toss enemies into a pit of spikes for a quick way to finish them off. Lovely.

The other big addition here is an improved campaign. Developer Free Lives says its reworked progression and the unlock system to make it feel “a bit more complete”. Currently Gorn has you trying to execute certain types of kills to gain new weapons and getting a certain number of wins in the arena to unlock bosses. We’ll be interested to see how that’s changed. Expect more tweaks to the system in the future, though.

Free Lives also says that the game is now running “much better than before” thanks to some optimization. Other additions include a new sound spatializer engine, new voice lines for enemies and the emperor and “More narrative content than anyone could realistically have expected given the nature of the game.” We’re not exactly sure how you fit a story into a game about yammering knuckleheads, but the update image above does perhaps provide some hints.

Finally, there are improved seagulls. Yay! You can see the full list of tweak over here.

Elsewhere, Free Lives says its “pouring blood and sweat” into the game on the road to final launch. No word yet on when they launch will finally arrive but we’ll keep you posted. Gorn remains one of our favorite VR games for wanton destruction.

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