GTA 5 VR Mod Update

by Jamie Feltham • March 28th, 2017

Getting a full Grand Theft Auto game inside VR headsets is a dream for many of us, but we do at least have something to hold us over in the GTA 5 VR mod, Grand Theft VR. Last week its developers returned with the first updates of 2017.

Last we heard from Grand Theft VR it had been updated to support new versions of OpenVR in December 2016, and hadn’t been updated since May 2016 before then. But in the past week we’ve had not one but two updates. The first one more added support for the latest version of OpenVR, but also fixed a bug with disappearing cars.

The most recent update is a bit more significant with some major bug fixes and additions. Highlighting the update is the ability to steer cars by rotating your position-tracked controller, keeping the experience entirely immersive. On Vive, you can now also walk by holding the trackpad and run by clicking it in. Finally, bugs have been fixed concerning teleportation and the seated pose.

Grand Theft VR allows players to access the first-person camera view introduced in the PC and current generation versions of Grand Theft Auto V. Using position-tracked controls you can get closer to the characters in the game than ever before, realistically aiming weapons and, after last week’s updates, driving cars. You’ll of course actually need a copy of the game (as well as the VorpX software) to use it but, being on OpenVR, it works on both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

It might not be an official GTA game in VR — that doesn’t seem like something Rockstar Games owner Take-Two Interactive is so keen on right now — but it’s a start. Now we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that an unannounced PC port of the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 gets VR support.

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  • NooYawker

    GTA VR would be the ultimate VR game.

    • johann jensson

      The reviews i watched say that GTA5’s story is not as good as Watch_Dogs (1), instead it’s more of a sandbox to do funny stuff in. So i’d rather see a Watch_Dogs VR (NOT the 2nd one, that can be ignored IMO), but alas it’s probably never going to happen…

      • NooYawker

        I loved GTA 5, but I loved all the GTA games, I played part way through watch dogs, maybe if I stuck with it I’d have a more valid opinion but I didn’t get into it.

        • Dontcare

          I didn’t like how watch dogs gave everything away on the map not leaving anything to hunt for or search for. drivings physics were horrible also. looked promising though.

          • johann jensson

            I fully agree that the driving was rough. Actually that was what i hated on my 1st playthrough.

      • NucalorSpagooter

        Are you trolling or actually that retarded?

        • johann jensson

          Salty fanboy much? So when somebody has a different opinion he is retarded? I’d start questioning my own behavior if i were you.

          So i take it GTA5’s story isn’t that much, when the fanboys start acting that defensive. Oh well.

          • NucalorSpagooter

            Nope. When somebody has an objectively terrible opinion, like yourself, they are retarded (like you). Do you get off to bad stories, poor optimization, and bullshit repetitive missions? How about over hyping and under delivering? You prefer a shit game to a good one, you fucking toenail clipping​.

          • johann jensson

            Again, nothing.

          • NucalorSpagooter

            How does it feel to be a textbook contrarian? You’re a stereotype, not a snowflake.

          • johann jensson

            LOL. Now who’s the troll?

          • No… he said that because GTA5 is one of the best selling games of all time –and unless you’ve been living under a rock, that’s a well known fact. Your comment, however, suggests that you *have* been living under a rock –but in reality, both games contain sandbox style worlds, so I guess that’s not entirely inaccurate. As far as story… who plays GTA for the story? 😉

          • johann jensson

            “who plays GTA for the story?”
            Well, thank you, no further questions necessary. 🙂

          • polysix

            OK… as a heavy VR user I don’t see the benefits of linear stories with cut scenes (as you allude to in Watchdogs 1) over the fully living/freestyle ‘do what you like’ environment of GTA.

            In VR the more freedom the better. Too much story shit is already being foisted on VR like wanna be hollywood can’t leave that alone either. Sure a good story is always a nice bonus but VR more than anything needs full interaction/empowerment over z-list hollywood script games.

      • Dustin

        They both have pretty good stories, but GTA’s is actually WAY better.

        • johann jensson

          Would be interested why you think that way. Since Outlast 2 was a disappointment and got uninstalled fast, i will need something to play and maybe could try GTA5.

        • johann jensson

          Wiki says UE3, you’re right. But it has all the new stuff like Ambient Occlusion (probably Epic’s directional implementation) etc. It looked like UT4 in places. So either Wiki is wrong, or the differences b/w the latest UE3 versions and UE4 are not that big (at least in the rendering department).

    • David Dewis

      It would, But i feel using the hatchet against civilians would be unnerving lol

      • NooYawker

        I can see this seriously desensitizing people to real world violence.

        • NucalorSpagooter

          Not this shit again.

          • NooYawker

            Desensitize and making people violent are two different things.

        • polysix

          ffs. ‘desensitizing’ doesn’t mean we suddenly find the will to go out and actually do it, are you fucking mad?

          • NooYawker

            That’s not what desensitizing means.

        • Kotone Shiinoha

          u dont need VR to desensitize, 99% of the public is already desensitized to slaughtering innocent muslims

          • Dontcare

            What’s wrong with killing Muslims?

          • Marco Dena

            Enjoy a nuclear apocalypse, dumbass

          • Get Schwifty!

            Lol OMG – the real issue is the desensitization of the public to innocent Christians and non-Muslims being killed almost daily by Muslims and this absurd lie in the media of “Islam is a religion of Peace” foisted on an ignorant public while Islamic schools routinely teach hate against Jews and Christians and any other group they feel is “polytheistic” in their war to subjugate the world. To utter a statement like what you wrote is an absurdity to say the least… Islam preaches war on every other government that is not under Sharia law and has throughout its inception spread primarily by violence and oppression… and that’s a simple fact. Honor killings, treatment of women and non-Muslims as second class citizens, mutilations and beheadings, terrorist attacks, rapes and slavery (sexual and otherwise) are the constant refrain and norm in Islamic history. Oh, and let’s not forget the intolerance to outside criticism such as the attacks on Charlie Hebdo… desensitization to violence on Muslims is hilarious to say the least, the REAL issue is sensitization of Muslims to the evil propagation of violence when acting in accordance to the faith. This is the result of fundamentalist, i.e. correct according to the faith Islam.

          • JacksonT

            wrong thread bro

          • DirkaDirk

            Those poor terrorists. So misunderstood

          • polysix

            Piss off SJW.

  • Andrew McEvoy

    So this works with the Vive? How so??

    • Trooper

      you need VorpX firstly, that costs around £30. Then you need GTA V on PC and a Vive (duh obviously) then you launch VorpX launch GTA V and there you go VR GTA V.

  • Darren Burns

    Has anyone tried this? Any good?

  • WoodenCork

    omg omg omg I can’t wait to get home and try this.

  • CMcD

    What frame rates are you guys able to attain wth this? I messed with vorpx a little last year and 60fps just pissed me off. I got the 1080 ti but I’m concerned that vorpx is still not optimized to do this stuff in 60fps… anyone able to hit 90fps or higher with this mod??