Graphmented Brings Your Google Sheets Into The Real World With ARKit

by Jamie Feltham • September 26th, 2017

If AR is the future of productivity, then it needs some of the biggest apps out there to help it get there. Graphmented aims to bring some of the software we use on PCs every day into a whole new reality.

Created by BadrIT, Graphmented augments your real world workspace with support for Google Sheets. Using the app, you can load up Sheets data and project it into the real world. Crucially, the app will also display 3D charts based off of the data, allowing you to quickly glance at accessible visual data through your iPhone with ARKit. You can check it out in action below.

It’s a great idea, although something we suspect would be a better fit for eventual AR headsets rather than your smartphone.

Graphmented is available now on iOS for free.

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