Green Screen Institute Opens Picturesque VR Accelerator Away From Silicon Valley

by Joe Durbin • April 13th, 2016

Silicon Valley is the de-facto headquarters for the virtual revolution.

There is certainly amazing work being done in other parts of the country and world but, for the most part, the bulk of early stage VR development is following the lead of the tech world at large and setting up shop in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, etc.

One new VR organization, however, is intentionally eschewing this norm by trading the Teslas and zip-up hoodies of The Valley for the lush outdoor environments of California’s Nevada County.

The Green Screen Institute is currently accepting applications to fill three to four spots in a brand new VR incubator that is designed to emphasize relaxation and isolation to increase focus and creativity.

“We believe extraordinary creativity occurs in peaceful, natural environments outside the hustle & bustle of major urban centers,” said Jon Gregory, managing partner of the Green Screen Institute. “Green Screen provides a nurturing environment for creators and technologists to push the envelope of today’s most exciting communication and entertainment medium.”

Green Screen Institute said it is offering $50,000 in cash for companies accepted into its 3-month summer program. Institute startups will get access to cutting edge VR/AR technology, accounting advice, free housing and access to the advisor network. Gregory assembled an impressive roster of industry luminaries to collaborate and guide the Institute startups. This team includes:

Adam Draper: Founder and Managing Director of Boost VC

David Fields: Head of Acquisitions & Investments at Tornante Company (Michael Eisner’s investment fund)

Richard Hilleman: Chief Creative Director of Electronic Arts

Adam Rockmore: SVP of Marketing at Fandango

Hamet Watt: Upfront Ventures

Speaking with Gregory over the phone, he was able to elaborate on the types of companies he is looking to work with in his mountain-esque paradise.

“We’re really looking for anything that touches VR or AR in some way,” Gregory said. “From there it’s all relatively straightforward. Is it a good idea is the first thing we’ll consider. But after that there are the obvious factors such as potential market impact and the previous experience of the founder or founders.”

The Green Screen Institute is headquartered in Nevada City, California, in a 26,000 square foot office that will serve as both a co-working and potential living space for the selected companies.

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